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periya thiruvandhAdhi – 76 – uLLilum uLLam

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr spoke about “entering through my ears” thus speaking about knowledge through hearing. In this pAsuram which begins with the words uLLilum (even if one thinks of), he speaks about knowledge through one’s mind, as a complement to the knowledge through hearing.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

uLLilum uLLam thadikkum vinaippadalam
viLLa vizhiththu unnai meyyuRRAl uLLa
ulagaLavum yAnum uLanAvan enkolO
ulagaLandha mUrththy urai

Word by Word Meanings

ulagu aLandha mUrththy – Oh emperumAn who mercifully measured all the worlds!

uLLilum – even if you are thought of

uLLam thadikkum – mind puffs up [with pride]

vinaippadalam – the bundle of sins

viLLa – to go away (from me)

vizhiththu – bestowing with your grace

unnai meyyuRRAl – if (I am) able to envision you

yAnum – I too

uLLa ulagaLavum uLanAvan – it appears that I will permeate all over the worlds

en kolO – how is this?

urai – please tell (yourself)


uLLilum uLLam thadikkum – if you are thought of, just as the physical body, which has a form, puffs up, the mind too, which does not have a form, puffs up.

AzhwAr says further “if my heart will grow just by thinking of you [emperumAn], when I reach paramapadham after getting rid of my karma (results of past deeds, both good and bad), and I am able to see you with your grace, it appears that I too would pervade all over the world just like you”..

vinaippadalam viLLa vizhiththu unnai meyyuRRAl – If am able to see you, after my bundle of sins has been eliminated with your grace. Alternatively the words could be rearranged to read unnai vizhiththu meyyuRRAl to give the meaning – if I am able to envision you through my mind here and through my eyes in parapapadham.

uLLa ulagaLavum yAnum uLanAvan enkolO – it appears that I too would pervade all the worlds present. It should be understood here that while it may appear that AzhwAr is asking whether he too will have universal pervasiveness just like emperumAn, pervasiveness comes out of his svarUpam (basic nature) for emperumAn who is unlimited while it comes out of dharmabhUtha gyAnam (sensory perception) for AzhwAr who is atomic in nature.

ulagaLandha mUrththy urai – you, who pervaded all the worlds with your dwarfish form, should speak about this pervasive ability of mine.

We will move on to the 77th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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