thiruchchandha viruththam – pAsuram 111 – vaidhu ninnai

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

In the previous pAsuram, considering his lowliness, AzhwAr requested emperumAn to bear with him. In this pAsuram, considering emperumAn’s quality of vAthsalyam in which emperumAn considers even someone’s fault as a good quality, AzhwAr requests emperumAn to consider the faults, which resulted from his desirable activities such as praising etc which he carried out in order to spend his time purposefully, and the faults which he carried out due to his carelessness, as good qualities.

vaidhu ninnai vallavA pazhiththavarkku(m) mARil pOr
seydhu ninna seRRaththIyil vendhavarkkum vandhunai
eydhalAgum enbar AdhalAl em mAya nAyinEn
seydha kuRRam naRRamAgavE koL gyAla nAdhanE

Word-by-Word Meanings

ninnai – you, who are apt to be praised
vallavA – to the extent possible
vaidhu – abused
pazhiththavarkkum – even those who insulted you, such as SiSupAlan et al
mARil – unmatched
pOr – war
seydhu – carried out
ninna – your
seRRam – called as anger
thIyil – in the fire
vendhavarkkum – those who got burnt such as vAli et al
unai – you (who are the supreme entity)
vandhu eydhalAgum enbar – sages said that [you] could be attained;
AdhalAl – hence
em mAya – my lord, who has amazing qualities!
gyAla nAdhanE – one who is the owner for the entire universe!
nAyinEn – I, who am very lowly
seydha kuRRam – the faults I carried out
naRRamAgavE – as good qualities
koL – mercifully consider

Simple Translation

You, who are apt to be praised, were abused to the extent possible, by SiSupAlan et al, and they got burnt in the fire of your anger in the unmatched war. Sages have said that even such people could attain you, who are the supreme entity. Oh, my lord, who has amazing qualities! Oh, the owner of the entire universe! You should hence mercifully consider the faults which I, a lowly person, carried out, as good qualities.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vaidhu ninnai – You are apt to be praised, just as it has been said in sahasranAmam 684 and 685 “sthavya: sthavapriya:” (one who is appropriate to be praised; one who desires being praised). You were made as the target of abuse by SiSupAlan; in which way did he do it? He reviled you saying that you were born in the clan of yadhu who had lost the right to rule; that you had given your women to other kshathriyas [rulers], and called yourself as a kshathriya [ruler}; you were born in the clan of cowherds who did not know the difference between left hand and right hand.

vallavA pazhiththavarkkum – to people such as SiSupAlan et al who ridiculed, not only targeting your clan of birth but also your auspicious qualities as faults and insulted you to the extent that they could. In other words, ridiculing your admirable qualities such as going as a messenger which he considered as being lowly even for the clan of yadhus, being a charioteer, stealing butter, taking away girls etc. The term vallavA refers to the extent to which such people [SiSupAlan et al} went in order to insult you through faulty words. It could also be considered that they utilised all the strength that they had in reviling emperumAn.

mARil pOr seydhu ninna seRRaththIyil vendhavarkkum – those who were burnt in the unmatched war that they engaged with you and got burnt. AzhwAr terms the battle between sugrIvan and vAli as unmatched. Through these two verses, AzhwAr is referring to SiSupALan, vAli et al.

vandhunai eydhalAgum enbar – sages say that by insulting you and engaging in war with you, through these ways, people could attain you. SrI parASara maharishi says in SrI vishNu purANam 4-15-15 that SiSupAlan attained mOksham through this way “thAvachcha bhagavachchakrENAsu vyApAdhitha: thathsmaraNa dhagdhAkilAgasanchaya: l bhagavathA anthamupanItha:, thasminnEva layamupayayau ll” (SiSupAlan was immediately killed by the divine disc of emperumAn; since he thought of emperumAn, his bundles of sins got burnt out; having been killed by emperumAn, he attained emperumAn). SrI vAlmIki maharishi too mentioned about the way vAli attained mOksham in SrI rAmAyaNam kishkindhA kANdam 17-8
thadhasthram thasya vIrasya svarga mArga prabhAvanam l rAmabANA sanakshiptham Avahath paramAm gathim ll” (That arrow which was shot from SrI rAma’s bow, and which showed the path to parama padham, gave mOksham to the valorous vAli).

AdhalAl – Since maharishis have said that those who abused you and those who fought with you too could attain you due to the eminence of your [emperumAn’s] qualities

emmAya – oh, one who manifested to me the amazing qualities such as mercy, patience, vAthsalyam [motherly forbearance] etc through which you tolerate the faults of your followers!

nAyinEn seydha kuRRam naRRamAgavE koL – you should consider even the faults which I, having no other refuge and looking up only to you for everything, carried out through carelessness, as good qualities.

gyAla nAdhanE– oh one who is the unconditional lord of the universe! This term gives the reason for his being the owner of the universe, without any distinction between those who have knowledge and those who do not have.

Next, we will take up the 112th pAsuram of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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