mudhalAyiram – First 1000

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This is the first 1000 pAsurams. This contains a collection of prabandhams sung by periyAzhwAr, ANdAL, kulasEkara AzhwAr, thirumazhisai AzhwAr, thoNdaradippodi AzhwAr, thiruppANAzhwAr and madhurakavi AzhwAr.

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2 thoughts on “mudhalAyiram – First 1000

  1. C. S. Vedant

    My respectful greetings to Thothadri Sarathi Swamy. Deeply impressed by the rendition of Divya Prabandham into simple Tamil and English.

  2. Ramesh Rangan

    I have been reading with interest the simple tamil translation of Prabandams. I have covered up to Nachiar Thirumozhi. Now looking for translation in Tamil (simple) for PerumaL thirumozhi.

    Pls share the link to read

    Thank you

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