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periya thirumozhi – 3.7.6 – en thuNai

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


en thuNai enRu eduththERku iRaiyEnum irangiRRilaL
than thuNaiyAya endhan thanimaikkum irangiRRilaL
van thuNai vAnavarkkAy varam seRRu arangaththu uRaiyum
in thuNaivanodum pOy ezhilAli puguvarkolO?

Word-by-Word meanings

en thuNai enRu – considering as “my companion”
eduththERku – for me who gave birth
iRaiyEnum – even a little bit
irangiRRilaL – she did not have mercy;
than thuNai Aya – her companion
endhan thanimaikkum – for me being alone
irangiRRilaL – she did not have mercy;

(my such daughter)
vAnavargaL – for dhEvathAs
van thuNaiyAy – going as strong companion
varam seRRu – subduing the strength received by the demons of lankA
arangaththu uRaiyum – residing eternally in kOyil (SrIrangam)
in thuNaivanodum pOy – went with her favourite companion

(both of them, together)
ezhil Ali – in beautiful thiruvAli
puguvarkolO – will they enter?

Simple translation

My daughter did not have even a little bit of mercy for me who gave birth to her, considering her as my companion; she did not have mercy for me who was her companion, to be left alone; she went along with her favourite companion who is eternally residing in kOyil, who went as the strong companion for dhEvathAs and subdued the strength received by the demons of lankA; will they enter the beautiful thiruvAli?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

en thuNai … – She did not have even a little bit of mercy considering that I gave birth to her and raised her as my companion, who will be my refuge.

than thuNai … – Though one does not have love, one will show mercy when one sees a suffering person; she did not even do it.

van thuNai vAnavarkkAy – Being a strong companion means placing him in front of the arrows without caring for self, for dhEvathAs.

varam seRRu – Destroying the boons which were granted by dhEvathAs. He will become a companion only when all that were earned by self are destroyed.

arangaththu uRaiyum … – Just as SrI ayOdhyA was decorated when emperumAn, who is very enjoyable, easily accessible and the protector, entered SrI ayOdhyA after destroying rAvaNa, they [my daughter and her dear companion] had thiruvAli decorated nicely and entered.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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