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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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sezhunIr malark kamalam thirai undhu vanpagattAl
uzhunIr vayal uzhavar uzhap pin mun pizhaiththu ezhundha
kazhunIr kadi kamazhum kadalmallaith thalasayanam
thozhunIr manaththavaraith thozhuvAy en thUy nenjE!

Word-by-Word meanings

uzhunIr – those who are naturally engaged in ploughing
uzhavar – farmers
sezhu – beautiful
nIr thirai – waves of water
malar – blossomed
kamalam – lotus flowers
undhu – pushing
van – strong
pagattAl – engaging the bulls
vayal uzha – as they farm the land
pin mun – back and forth
pizhaiththu ezhundhu – which escaped and had risen
kazhunIr – sengazhunIr (water-lily) and lotus flowers
kadi kamazhum – the fragrance blowing
kadal mallaith thala sayanam – sthalasayanam in thirukkadalmallai
thozhu – worshipping
nIr – having the quality
manaththavarai – those who are having the heart
en thUy nenjE – Oh my pure heart!
thozhuvAy – try to worship

Simple translation

The farmers who are naturally engaged in ploughing, are engaging strong bulls in ploughing the land where beautiful waves of water and blossomed sengazhunIr (water-lily) and lotus flowers are being pushed around; sthalaysayanam in thirukkadalmallai is where the fragrance blowing from such flowers escaped when pushed by those bulls back and forth, and rose. Oh my pure heart! Try to worship those who are having the quality of worshipping such sthalasayanam.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sezhu nIr … – The farm lands are so fertile there that they have blossomed lotus flowers and abundance of water. The farmers will push the water and the flowers with their feet to see the ground and farm the same.

van pagattAl – The bulls are so strong that they can even farm the lands in [total] deluge.

uzhu nIr uzhavar uzha – As the farmers who always have the habit of sowing the seeds and ploughing the land, engage in ploughing.

pin mun pizhaiththu ezhum kazhunIr kadi kamazhum – As they farm the land, the sengazhunIr flowers which escaped from the back and forth movement (of the plough), will blow their fragrance to reduce their strain. Alternative explanation – as they plough ahead, the sengazhunIr flowers which were left behind, will start smelling nice. Another explanation – vayal uzhavar uzhap pin mun pizhatiththezhundha – Previously the farmers would have ploughed the land. It appears that the farmers roamed around to make the sengazhunIr flowers which escaped then, blossom.

kadalmallai … – Those who have the heart of always worshipping thirukkadalmallai instead of worshipping rarely.

thozhuvAy en thUy nenjE – Just as their constant activity is in worshipping the dhivyadhESam, you have to constantly engage in worshipping them. Your purity is such that I can instruct you, without any hesitation, that bhAgavatha SEshathvam (being a servitor of bhAgavathas) is good.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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