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periya thirumozhi – 2.6.1 – naNNAdha – 1

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SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

periya thirumozhi >> Second centum >> Sixth decad

Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

One who fulfils the desires of even those who seek other benefits from him and not remain joyful to be with him; when such emperumAn comes and waits in this dhivyadhESam hoping that someone who likes him will come, and when there are people who simply eat, dress-up and spend their time in that manner without thinking about his simplicity, AzhwAr says “I will not consider such persons to be existing”.


naNNAdha vAL avuNar idaippukku vAnavaraip
peNNAgi amudhUttum perumAnAr maruviniya
thaNNArndha kadalmallaith thalasayanaththu uRaivArai
eNNAdhE iruppArai iRaippozhudhum eNNOmE

Word-by-Word meanings

naNNAdha – those who did not approach him
vAL – having sword
avuNaridai – amidst the asuras (demons)
peNNAgip pukku – entering with a feminine disguise
vAnavarai – dhEvas (saintly persons)
amudhu Uttum – one who feeds nectar
perumAnAr – having greatness
maruva – to remain firmly
iniya – being an enjoyable abode
thaN Arndha – remaining cool always
kadal – present on the seashore
mallai – in SrI mallApuri
thala sayanaththu – on the divine mattress which is the ground
uRaivArai – one who mercifully reclines
eNNAdhu – without thinking about
iruppArai – those who remain in that dhivyadhESam
iRaippozhudhum – even for a moment
eNNOm – we will not think about

Simple translation

emperumAn mercifully reclines on the divine mattress which is the ground in SrImallApuri which is an enjoyable abode, is always cool, and is present on the seashore; he is having the greatness to remain firmly there; he entered with a feminine disguise, amidst asuras who did not approach him and were having sword. We will not think about those who remain in such dhivyadhESam without thinking about such emperumAn, even for a moment.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

naNNAdha – AzhwAr is going through similar emotions of that of SrI vidhurar. When krishNa entered SrI vidhura’s residence, he thought “samspruSan Asanam SaurEr mahAmathirupAviSath” (The very wise vidhura checked the seat which he placed for krishNa). Similarly, AzhwAr is feeling fearful for emperumAn entering the group of demons. When one is very wise, it appears that they will become greatly bewildered like an agitated ocean. As SrI vidhura observed how krishNa faced danger through the deceptive seat and mischief, when he mercifully arrived at dhuryOdhana’s residence and feared thinking “Did we also not take birth in the same family? Since we are also among those who are in this materialistic world, should I trust myself?” and due to unnecessary doubting himself, checked the seat which he himself offered to krishNa. piLLai uRangAvilli dhAsar will always hold on to the handle of his sword whenever namperumAL goes on a procession and worship him, and vowed to kill himself if there was even a shake to the palanquin. Considering that, the SrIvaishNavas would call him as mahAmathi (very wise). It appears that being bewildered in the matters of bhagavAn, is the reason to be called as mahAmathi. Those who fear unnecessarily for bhagavAn’s well-being are known as mahAmathi.

naNNAdha – They [demons] are embodiment of hatred towards bhagavAn’s matters. There are some who are born as humans but have demoniac nature. Unlike those, these are the ones who are born in demoniac bodies. Further, emperumAn entered into the group of demons who are armed.

When asked “Did he go and enter for the sake of those who are like prahlAdha?” AzhwAr replies

vAnavarai – He went for the sake of dhEvas who pridefully think themselves to be at par with bhagavAn as said in “We are as eternal as you [bhagavAn]”.

peNNAgi – He who is purushOththaman accepted the form of a woman which does not match his nature.

amudhUttum – He is of the nature to grant the wishes of those who remain satisfied thinking “salt water [nectar] is sufficient for us” instead of having love towards him saying “We need you”. Their focus is only on drinking the nectar. emperumAn took up on himself activities such as churning the ocean etc.

perumAnAr – [He did it] Just as a mother who would wake up her child and feed it. What a natural relationship!

maruviniya – It appears that there are those who relish the enjoyable bhagavAn. emperumAn is firmly reclining, thinking “Will there be anyone who seeks me who is known, as said in chAndhOgya upanishath, as ‘sarva rasa:‘ (origin of all tastes)”.

maruviniya … – One who eternally resides on the ground in thirukkadalmallai which is an enjoyable abode, which is very rejuvenating and where small droplets of waves splash on his divine form, having affection towards his devotee named puNdarIka.

eNNAdhE – It is apt for the chEthanas to always feel, think and say “emperumAn who should be residing amidst nithyasUris (eternal servitors of bhagavAn in paramapadham), has entered this samsAram and is staying on the ground!” and serve him; those who don’t do that. Those who don’t care about bhagavAn’s matters and are simply engaged in taking care of the body.

iRaip pozhudhum eNNOmE – Those who remain without atonement for not thinking about him. There are times when one may count insignificant entities. AzhwAr says “Even at those times, I will not think about them”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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