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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


andhagan siRuvan arasar tham arasaRkiLaiyavan aNiyizhaiyaich chenRu
endhamakku urimai sey enath thariyAdhu emperumAn! aruL enna
sandhamal kuzhalAL alakkaN nURRuvar tham peNdirum eydhi nUl izhappa
indhiran siRuvan thEr mun ninRAnaith thiruvallikkENik kaNdEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

andhagan – dhritharAshtra, the blind man, his
siRuvan – being the son
arasar tham arasaRku – dhuryOdhana, the king of kings
iLaiyavan – brother dhuSSAsanan
aNi – decorated
izhaiyai – towards dhraupadhi who is having ornaments
senRu – went  (since they lost you as well, to us in gambling)
endhamakku – for us
urimai sey – serve us
ena – as he told
dhariyAdhu – being unable to bear (to have servitude towards others)
emperumAn! – “My lord!”
aruL – you should shower your mercy upon me and protect me
enna – as she prayed
al – dark
sandham – coloured
kuzhalAL – dhraupadhi who has hair, her
alakkaN – sorrow
nURRuvar tham – dhuryOdhanan’s brothers, totally hundred in number, their
peNdirum – wives
eydhi – attained
nUl – mangaLasUthram
izhappa – to lose
indhiran siRuvan – indhra’s son arjuna, his
thEr mun – in front of the chariot
ninRAnai – stood and donned the role of charioteer
thiruvallikkENik kaNdEnE – I saw in thiruvallikkENi

Simple translation

dhuSSAsana, the brother of dhuryOdhana, the king of kings who is the son of dhritharAshtra, the blind man went to dhraupadhi who is decorated with ornaments and told her “you serve us”; being unable to bear that, dhraupadhi who has dark coloured hair, prayed to emperumAn “My lord! You should shower your mercy upon me and protect me”. emperumAn stood in front of the chariot of indhra’s son arjuna and donned the role of charioteer, and made the wives of dhuryOdhana and his brothers to go through the same sorrow as dhraupadhi and lose their mangaLasUthram. I saw such emperumAn in thiruvallikkENi.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

andhagan siRuvan – dhuryOdhana was the son of the blind dhritharAsthra. With this, it is said that the ignorance is carried forward. One who was raised independently instead of being raised under the fear for a good father.

arasar … – One who is born after dhuryOdhana, who is the kings of kings. That is dhuSSAsana. AzhwAr is highlighting the wicked nature of dhuSSAsana who was pampered by dhuryOdhana.

aNi izhaiyai – Since it is a great festive occasion, dhraupadhi was well decorated with ornaments. dhuSSAsana approached her.

endhamakku urimai seyyena – He said “pANdavas lost you as well in the gambling game. You should come and serve us”.

dhariyAdhu … – She cannot bear serving others. At that time, she prayed to emperumAn “You who are my lord, should shower your mercy upon me”. When embAr was asked “When the valorous husbands were present there, why is she calling upon the name of krishNa, who is far away?” He replied “We know the answer! Looks like she was given instructions previously as said in mahAbhAratham sabhA parvam 90.41 ‘mahathyApathi samprApthE smarthavyO bhagavAn hari:’ (when you are in great danger, remember lord hari)” When the same questions was asked to bhattar, he mercifully replied “Though a woman walks along with her husband holding his hands, if she slips, she will naturally cry out ‘ammE’ (mother)”.

Though she prayed for her protection, he was so eager to punish dhuryOdhana et al.

sandhamal kuzhalAL … – sandham – colour. al – darkness. One who has dark coloured hair.


sandhamak kuzhalAL – One who has hair which always carries sandal flower. There is a sorrow which she endured. To make the wives of dhuryOdhana et al go through the same suffering. As an ultimatum, they lost their mangaLasUthram also. He ensured that they had permanent sorrow.

indhiran … –  Implies that emperumAn will reduce his stature and protect those who surrender unto him, though they may have strong support. dhraupadhi was not helped by her husbands; arjuna was not helped by indhra [emperumAn only helped both of them].

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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