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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


sEyan aNiyan siRiyan periyan enbadhum silar pEsak kEttirundhE
en nenjam enbAy! enakku onRu sollAdhE
vEygaL ninRu veNmuththamE sori vEngada malai kOyil mEviya
Ayar nAyagaRku inRu adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE

Word-by-Word meanings

sEyan enbadhum – (when told “surrender unto paramapadhanAthan”) blaming him to be too far
aNiyan enbadhum – (when told “worship him in archAvathAram”) disregarding him due to his close proximity
siRiyan enbadhum – (when told “approach krishNa” and shown vibhavAvathAram) withdrawing from him highlighting his simplicity as the reason
periyan enbadhum – (when told “surrender unto his vyUha state or antharyAmi state”) withdrawing from him highlighting his unreachability

(in this manner)
silar – ignorant ones
pEsa – to speak
kEttirundhE – though having heard
en nenjam enbAy – Oh you who are known as “my heart”!
enakku – for me who is having you as my internal sense
onRu sollAdhE – without saying a word
vEygaL ninRu – from bamboos
veL – whitish
muththam – pearls
sori – falling
vEngada malai – thirumalA
kOyil – as abode
mEviya – one who is firmly remaining
Ayar – for cowherds
nAyagaRku – for the leader
inRu adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE – You are engaged in serving him now!

Simple translation

Oh you who are known as “my heart”! Though having heard ignorant ones speak about emperumAn blaming him to be too far in paramapadham, disregarding him due to his close proximity in archAvathAram, withdrawing from him highlighting his simplicity in vibhavAvathAram as the reason and withdrawing from him highlighting his unreachability in vyUha and antharyAmi states, for me who is having you as my internal sense, without saying a word, now, you are engaged in serving him who is firmly remaining on thirumalA where whitish pearls are falling from bamboos, having it as his abode and is the leader of the cowherds.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sEyan … – Worldly people are doubting emperumAn to be small or great, and become ruined. You, who are not joining such people and ignoring me who owns you, are engaged in serving his divine feet! [How great!]

sEyan – Some say emperumAn is too far.

aNiyan – Some say he is too close.

siRiyan – Some cite his simplicity and withdraw from him.

periyan … – Some cite his greatness and unreachability and withdraw from him. Though you have heard others speak according to their limited understanding, you who are known as “my heart” are engaged in serving him!

enakku onRu sollAdhE – Neither joining with them nor informing me who owns you, about this.

vEy … – As whitish pearls fall from the bamboo, the light from the pearls shows the path to reach there.

Ayar nAyagaRku– For the leader of cowherds as said in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 3.1.1 “thannEr Ayiram piLLaigaL” (thousand cowherd boys who are at par with him). He is said as in thiruvAimozhi 5.5.6 “inavAyar thalaivan” (leader of the cowherds).

adimai … – You engaged in service without any restriction to the one who protects all.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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