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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


vAnavar thangaL sindhai pOla en nenjamE! inidhu vandhu mAdhava
mAnavar thangaL sindhai amarndhu uRaiginRa endhai
kAnavaridu kAragiRpugai Ongu vEngadam mEvi mAN kuRaL
Ana andhaNaRku inRu adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE

Word-by-Word meanings

en nenjamE – Oh favourable mind!
mA – great
thavam – having thapas (penance)
mAnavar thangaL – men, their
sindhai – in the heart
amarndhu – firmly remaining
uRaiginRa – one who is eternally residing
endhai – being my lord
kAnavar – hunters
kAr – dark (due to being very strong)
agil – (cutting down) agil (Aquilaria agallocha) trees
idu – due to placing them (in fire)
pugai – smoke (to reach and spread)
Ongu – tall
vEngadam – on thirumalA
mEvi – one who is eternally residing
mAN – beautiful
kuRaLAna – assuming the form of vAmana [dwarf]
andhaNaRku – for my lord, who is a brAhmaNa
vAnavar thangaL – nithyasUris’
sindhai pOla – like in their heart
inidhu – sweetly
uvandhu – arriving joyfully
inRu – today
adimaith thozhil – in doing kainkaryam
pUNdAyE – you are engaged!

Simple translation

emperumAn is my lord who is firmly remaining and eternally residing in the heart of those men who have great penance; he is eternally residing on the tall thirumalA where the smoke from the agil trees which are placed in fire by the hunters, has reached and spread out; he is my lord who has assumed the form of vAmana, a brAhmaNa. Oh favourable mind! Today, you are engaged in doing kainkaryam to such lord who has joyfully and sweetly arrived in my heart just as he is in the heart of nithyasUris.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vAnavar … – Present in my heart just as he is present in the heart of nithyasUris.

mAdhava mAnavar thangaL sindhai amarndhu uRaiginRa endhai – The lord who is eternally residing without any expectation in the hearts of those men who have great penance.

kAnavar … – kAnavar – the divine hunters of thirumalA; they will cut the trees in their lands and burn those trees; since those trees are agil trees, their smoke will reach the sky and fill it; emperumAn is eternally residing in such thirumalA which is having such height.

mAN kuRaLAya andhaNaRku – One who assumed the form of an alms-seeker to get his own belonging. andhaNa – brAhmaNa. He assumed a very humble form, where mahAbali cannot refuse [whatever he asks].

mAN kuRaLAya andhaNaRku, vAnavar thangaL sindhai pOla en nenjamE! inidhu vandhu, adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE – [Oh mind!] Just as nithyasUris’ hearts will be immersed in bhagavath kainkaryam, you are joyfully engaged in his divine feet!

mAN … – As he has arrived to beg and accept our service, you are also following his thoughts! [How great!]

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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