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avathArikai (Introduction)

In thiruviruththam 29th pAsuram, the nAyaki had sent messengers to paramapadham as mentioned in the verse neelamuNda minnanna mEnipperumAn ulagu (the abode where emperumAn with dark complexion resides). She realised that paramapadham can be entered only by those who are engaged with parabhakthi, paragyAnam and paramabhakthi and not by others. Then she sent messengers to emperumAn who had incarnated as krishNa (in the previous pAsuram) as mentioned in the term kaNNan vaigundhan. She realised that here too, it is possible only for those who had lived at the same time as the incarnated emperumAn and not for those who followed later. Hence she now sends messenger to thiruvEngadamudaiyAn who resides on the hills of thiruvEngadam and who is easily approachable for those who had come after the time of incarnations.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

isaimingaL thUdhu enRu isaiththAl isaiyilam en thalai mEl
asaimingaL enRAl asaiyum kolAm am pon mAmaNigal
thisaimin miLirum thiruvEngadaththu van thAL simayam
misai min miLiriya pOvAn vazhikkoNda mEgangaLE

Word-by-Word Meanings

am – beautiful
pon – gold
mA – excellent
maNigaL – gems
thisai – in the directions
min – like lightning
miLirum – shining
thiruvEngadam – known as thiruvEngadam
van – being strong
thAL – having foothills
simayam misai – with the mountain as motive
min – lightning
miLiriya – making it glow
pOvAn – to go
vazhikkoNda – attempting
mEgangaLE – Oh clouds!
thUdhu – message of errand
isaimingaL enRu – please state
isaiththAl – if I say
isaiyilam – you went without stating
en thalai mEl – atop my head
asaimingaL – roam
enRAl – if requested
asaiyum kolAm – could you not?

Simple Translation

thiruvEngadam is emitting a glow which is shining like gold and various gems in all the directions. Oh clouds who are attempting to go towards the strong peaks of such thiruvEngadam emitting lightning everywhere! When I requested you to take my errand [to emperumAn], you are not doing that. When I requested you to roam on my head, you are not doing that too.


isaimingaL ….. – Oh clouds who are going towards thirumalai! If I tell you “Please convey my message”, you are not responding by saying that you would accept it. Since you are deeply engrossed in your travel to thirumalai, you are not speaking anything. If I ask you to keep your feet on my head, would you do that? Aren’t the divine feet of those who are going to thirumalai very exalted? Will such divine feet of those who are going to thirumalai be easily accessible? In SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 68-3, sIthAppirAtti told hanuman “viSrAntha” – stay here for a day – but hanuman refused that and left immediately. The clouds too are going like that without keeping their feet on my head.

am pon …. – in thirumalai which has strong slopes and which emits glow in all directions with the help of gold and expensive gems in such a say that darkness runs away with fever.

simayam – peaks

min miLiriya ….. – similar to holding light for kings who are radiant like lightning

pOvAn vazhikkoNda – the clouds are fully focussed on their path towards thiruvEngadam. Will they carry my message if I ask them to carry it? Will they keep their feet on my head if I request them to? Just as thirumangai AzhwAr says in periya thirumozhi 7-4-1 “thaNchERai emperumAn thAL thozhuvAr kANmin en thalai mElArE” (the feet of those who worship the divine feet of emperumAn who is residing at thiruchchERai will be on my head), this AzhwAr too considers the divine feet of those who proceed towards thiruvEngadam to be of high esteem.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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