upadhEsa raththina mAlai – Simple Explanation – pAsurams 23 and 24

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upadhEsa raththina mAlai

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pAsuram 23

Twenty third pAsuram. He tells his heart that about the greatness of thiruvAdip pUram (divine  star of pUram in the month of Adi), the day that ANdAL incarnated, since there is no match for it.

periyAzhwAr peN piLLaiyAy ANdAL piRandha
thiruvAdippUraththin sIrmai – oru nALaikku
uNdO manamE uNarndhu pAr ANdALukku
uNdAgil oppu idhaRkum uNdu

Oh heart! Analyse and see if there is a day which will match thiruvAdippUram, the day when ANdAL incarnated as the divine daughter of periyAzhwAr. There be a match for this day only if there is a match for ANdAL nAchchiyAr!

ANdAL nAchchiyAr is the reincarnation of bhUmip pirAtti. Taking compassion on the people of the world, she let go of the enjoyment of emperumAn and incarnated in this world. On the other hand, AzhwArs were on this earth all along. Due to the causeless mercy of emperumAn, they obtained faultless knowledge and devotion and enjoyed emperumAn fully. No one can be considered as matching ANdAL who sacrificed her eminent position, for the sake of others. If the incomparable AzhwArs cannot be a match for ANdAL, who else can match her? For this reason, it can be said that there is no match for her star, pUram in the month of Adi.

pAsuram 24

Twenty fourth pAsuram. He mercifully tells his divine heart to celebrate ANdAL who is greater than the other AzhwArs.

anju kudikku oru sandhadhiyAy AzhwArgaL
tham seyalai vinji niRkum thanmaiyaLAy – pinjAyp
pazhuththALai ANdALaip paththiyudan nALum
vazhuththAy manamE magizhndhu

ANdAL incarnated as the only heiress to the clan of AzhwArs. The term anju would mean both the number five and the quality of being fearful. Just as the king parikshit was the only heir to the panchapANdavas (five pANdavas), ANdAL is the only heiress to the clan of ten AzhwArs. This is the first meaning. That she is the only heiress to the AzhwArs who constantly fear as to what ill will befall emperumAn, is the second meaning. periyAzhwAr fully carried out mangALASAsanam (wishing emperumAn well) fully. The other AzhwArs were in paramabhakthi stage (being alive only if united with emperumAn) in their devotion. ANdAL carried out mangALASAsanam to emperumAn, just like periyAzhwAr and she was also very eminent, just like the other AzhwArs in her devotion. The meaning for the term pinjAyp pazhuththAL is that normally a plant will yield flower, then the unripened fruit and finally the ripened fruit. ANdAL was like thuLasi plant, which emits fragrance even as it sprouts out of earth; thus she was a ripened fruit at the beginning itself. In other words, she had eminent devotion towards emperumAn even at a very young age; she was five years old when she composed thiruppAvai. She wilted and melted in attaining emperumAn, while composing nAchchiyAr thirumozhi. Celebrate such ANdAL, always.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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