siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjE

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vArAy madanenjE vandhu maNivaNNan
sIrAr thiruththuzhAy mAlai namakkaruLith                                          58
thArAn tharum enRu iraNdaththil onRadhanai

Word by Word Meanings

mada nenjE – Oh mind which has lost its intellect!
vArAy – get up (to go as a messenger)
vandhu – going near that emperumAn
maNivaNNan – that emperumAn who has a form similar to a bluish gem
namakku aruLi – showering his grace on us
sIr Ar thiru thuzhAy mAlai – distinguished thuLasi garland
thArAn tharum enRu iraNdaththil onRadhanai – a word, whether he will grant it or not (word which I sent him [as a message through my mind])


vArAy – rise up, at least now

mada nenjE – since the heart is lying inactive due to the pain of separation, this verse cannot be interpreted as obedient heart. It should be construed as – AzhwAr calling out to his heart which has lost its intellect. Since we did not want to do anything which will lower his svarUpam (basic nature), we have suffered all along. Now, at least, rise up.

vandhu – the opinion is “to go”. Wouldn’t reaching a place indicate going [leaving] from another place! Since the place where she must be is the place where he is, going to that place appears to be coming to that place, for her.

maNivaNNan – one who has a divine form which will make the person who has separated from him to engage in madal.

sIrAr thiruththuzhAy mAlai – it is distinguished garland because it has been applied by a great person who does not desire other benefits [but desires only emperumAn himself]. Just as it has been mentioned in periya thirumozhi 11-1-9 “mikka sIrththoNdaritta pUndhuLavin vAsamE” (the sweet fragrance of thuLasi flower which has been applied by a highly distinguished devotee), since it is a garland which has been applied by one who does not desire other benefits, it will have a distinguished fragrance like the one applied by nithyasUris, as mentioned in thiruviruththam 21 “sUttu nanmAlaigaL” (the distinguished garlands applied by nithyasUris). The garland applied by those who desire lowly benefits, who are referred to in bhagavath gIthA by the term “kAmAthmAna:” will have the smell of burnt flowers, reflecting their hearts which desire other benefits from emperumAn.

namakku aruLi – when we were together in an affectionate way, he would give me his garlands even when I did not want them; after we were separated, despite seeing my distress, that he did not help me shows that he has lost his affection for me. Hence, if he takes pity on me, he may give me.

thArAn tharum enRu iraNdaththil onRu adhanai – whether he gives after thinking about the earlier state and showers his mercy or due to his independent nature, he does not give, find out what he chooses to do and tell me [parakAla nAyagi tells her heart]. In other words, if he gives the thuLasi garland, we will sustain and live. If he does not give, we will give up our life and get rid of the sorrow.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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