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ArAnum uNdenbAr enbadhudhAn adhuvum
OrAmaiyanRE ulagaththAr sollum sol                                 5
OrAmai Am ARu adhu uraikkEn kELAmE
kArAr puravi Ezh pUNda thani Azhi                                     6

Word by Word Meaning

ArAnum – those with deficiency in knowledge
chikkena maRRu uNdu enbAr – will say that there is another stable purushArtham (of mOksham, liberation)
enbadhudhAn adhuvum – that which is mentioned (by them)
ulagaththAr sollum sol – the word and the deed which is mentioned by the worldly people
OrAmai anRE – aren’t these mentioned without analysing properly
adhu OrAmai Am ARu uraikkEn – I will clarify (to you) that it has been mentioned without analysing
kEL AmE – Could you listen to that (by lending your ears)? (Please listen!)
kAr Ar puravi Ezh pUNda thani Azhi – one which traverses the skies, reined by seven horses and having one wheel


chikkena maRRu ArAnum uNdenbAr enbadhudhan adhuvum – some people, who are not distinguished, say that there is another purushArtham

chikkena – being firm

maRRu uNdu – there is another purushArtham which is distinct from these three purushArthams; these three are very lowly; not permanent. Giving joy, just as mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 10-9-11 “andhamil pErinbam” (unceasing bliss), this purushArtham, mOksham, is very distinguished, and, it is permanent – all these are useless talk [in the opinion of AzhwAr].

uNdu enbAr enbadhudhAn adhuvum – there is none who has seen it. Their words are similar to the sound emanating from the ocean [meaningless].

enbadhudhAn adhuvum – while they talk as if it were like a deluge of ocean, in reality it is just a mirage.

ArAnum – [some people] this implies that even their names cannot be mentioned; and that they are without knowledge. Not attaining emperumAn has taken her (AzhwAr in feminine [pirAtti] mood) to the edge of atheism.

Does the purushArtham, mOksham, really not exist?

OrAmaiyanRE ulagaththAr sollum sol – aren’t people of the world saying that it [mOksham] exists without analysing properly? In reality, it doesn’t exist at all. How could it be said that they said it without analysing?

OrAmiyAmARu adhu uraikkEn – I [pirAtti] will explain how it was said without analysing. I will describe how their words were uttered without analysing the worldly behaviour. With my words, I will destroy their authentic sources [which they would show to prove the existence of mOksham] as well as the purushArtham of mOksham.

kELAmE – All that you need to do is to lend your ears [to what I am going to say]. If you listen, you would also cross over to my side.

AzhwAr elaborates further, after they agree to listen to him. . . .

kArAr puravi – horses which move amidst clouds. You could see the clouds. Look for horses amidst those clouds.

kArAr puravi – Is it possible for horses to move amidst clouds?

puravi Ezh – It seems that sun has reined in seven horses on his chariot. What a fable is this! They are not horses with an even count such as two or four or six. It seems it is an odd number of horses, seven; what a mischief! Should only seven horses be reined in? Couldn’t they rein in two or four or six or eight or any such [even] number of horses?

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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