periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyum

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innisai Osaiyum vandhen sevi thanakkE                                                             94
konnavilum ehkil kodidhAy nedidhAgum
ennidhanaik kAkkumA solleeridhu viLaiththa                                                 95

Word by word meaning

in isai Osaiyum vandhu – coming with a sound as sweet as music
en sevi thanakkE – only for my ears
kol navilum ehkil kodidhy Ay nedidhu Agum – it is longer than the spear which is capable of killing, and more cruel than that.
idhanai kAkkum A en – what is the way to escape from this grave danger?
solleer – Please say (if there is a means available)
idhu viLaiththa – having created such a situation (by southerly breeze etc [which have been mentioned earlier])


innisai Osai – the sound which melted me just as those who listen to sweet music melt. For the others, this would mean a sound which has sweet music.

vandhen sevi thanakkE – what is sweet music for the others was cruel only for my ears.

sevi thanakkE – before it strikes the heart, it is coming too hot even for the ears.

kol navilum ehkil kodiyadhAy – it is more cruel than a spear which will kill even by merely looking at it.

nedidhAgum – Spear will kill a person by piercing just once; with that, the sorrow will be over. However, this tortures for a long time.

ennidhanaik kAkkumA – by which way will I protect my femininity?

solleer – You people, please tell me.If I have to protect my femininity, the torture continues. If I have to avoid this torture, I have to engage in madal, destroying my femininity.

ennidhanaik kAkkumA – How will I, a weak person, escape from this?

solleer – Only you peope, who are not affected in any way, after hearing this sound [of the bull’s bell] should show me the means.

Now, she says that she will not step back from getting him, even if she has to engage in madal, say ignominious things about him and torturing him.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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