periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAl

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panni uraikkungAl bAradhamAm – pAviyERku
ennuRu nOy yAn uraippak kENmin – irum pozhil sUzh                                            72

Word by word meaning

pAviyERku for me, the sinful person
panni uraikkum kAl – if I have to say more expansively (citing more examples)
bAradhamam Am – it will end just like mahAbAradham [will be so huge]
en uRu nOy – the disease which happened to me
yAn uraippak kENmin – please listen to it, as I narrate it.

What is it?
iru pozhil sUzh – surrounded by huge orchards


panni uraikkum kAl bAradhamAm – It is not possible for me to speak this matter and bring it to an end. Only great personalities such as vyAsar can speak about it. Even if they speak about it, it will be only expansive like mahAbAradham (which has one lakh twenty five thousand SlOkAs) and cannot be narrated in a brief manner.

pAviyERku – for me who has committed such sins that I do not have the strength to narrate it in an expansive way just as vyAsa did. The words are to be rearranged as panni uraikkum kAl pAviyERku bAradhamAm.

ennuRu nOy yAn uraippak kENmin – let it remain that it cannot be narrated till completion. There is no need for me to explain in a detailed way the sufferings of those people (the women whose stories parakAla nAyaki has told in the previous verses). If you could listen to my sufferings, as narrated by me, it could be taken to completion.  Let the experience of others as known to us, remain by the side. Listen to the distress that I have personally experienced.

en uRu nOy – the disease which has attained me truly; the disease which has pervaded me completely. Just as nammAzhwAr had mercifully mentioned in thiruviruththam 53 “dheyva nannOy” (this is a good disease about emperumAn), it is the disease which remains by my side as a great support, after I separated from thirunaRaiyUr nambi and suffered. It is the disease which SrI bharathAzhwAn suffered after getting involved with SrI rAma’s handsomeness.

yAn uraippak kENmin – Listen to me who has got this disease. Since it cannot be narrated by anyone else, only I have to narrate it myself.

kENmin – Please listen; if my life has to be sustained, please listen. Just as it is said in uththararAma charitham “pUrOthpIdE thatAkasya parivAha: prathikriyA I SokakshObhE cha hrudhayam pralApairEva dhAryathE  II ” (if the water in pond starts overflowing, cutting the outlet channel alone will save the banks from getting broken. In the same way, if one were agitated due to excessive sorrow, only by crying out aloud does the heart sustain itself), listen to me so that I could sustain myself.

kENmin – this could also mean – listen to me if you want to reap the benefit of having been provided with ears.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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