periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL

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mannu karathalangaL mattiththu mAdhirangaL                                                68
minni erivIsa mEleduththa sUzh kazhaRkAl
ponnulagam Ezhum kadandhu umbar mEl silumba                                           69
mannu kulavaraiyum mArudhamum thAragaiyum
thannin udanE suzhalach chuzhanRAdum                                                            70

Word by word meaning

Ayiram thOL mannu karathalangaL mattiththu – (Siva) spreading his hands with thousands of shoulders in all directions
mAdhirangaL – directions
minni eri vIsa – such that fire and smoke got emitted
mEl eduththa – lifted in the top direction
kazhal sUzh kAl – one foot with a valorous anklet
pon ulagam Ezhum kadandhu – going past the beautiful worlds above
umbar mEl silumba – extending (the single foot) more and more, high above
mannu kulam varaiyum mArudhamum thAragaiyum thannudanE suzhala – the firmly standing kula parvathams (mountains which sustain earth), wind and stars spinning with him
suzhanRu Adum – one who was himself dancing with a spin


mannu karathalangaL mattiththu – when he dances, the thousand hands went and hit against various directions.

mAdhirangaL minni eri vIsa – due to that, sparks and smoke got emitted in all the directions, letting out fire

mEl eduththa sUzh kazhal kAl – the foot which went went up when he danced and had a valorous anklet on it. While the nAyaki (umA) was in distress after desiring him, he was decorating himself from foot to head and dancing in joy.

sUzh kazhal kAl – this could also be interpreted as foot which travelled all over the world.

pon ulagam Ezhum kadandhu – going past the worlds which were measured by thrivikrama

umbar mEl silumba – going here and there, all over the celestial world and dancing, without stopping at any place. umbar – celestial world. The celestial entities are in fear wondering “What is happening?”

mannu kulavaraiyum – the kulaparvathams which sustain earth by standing firmly.

mArudhamum – wind, which goes to where the people are, like a father going to his son’s place, and which is the cause for the living of all beings.

thAragaiyum – the groups of stars which foretell the good and bad which happen to people

thanninudanE suzhalach chuzhanRAdum – when he dances, just like the punnaippU (a type of flower from mast-tree) spins around, all the entities mentioned above – the kulaparvathams, wind and stars – keep spinning around as he dances in a spin.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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