periya thirumadal – 49 – thannudaiya kUzhai

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thannudaiya kUzhaich chadAbAram thAn thariththu Angu                          67
anna arum thavaththin UdupOy Ayiram thOL

Word by word meaning

thannudaiya kUzhai – her tresses
sadAbAram thAn thariththu – she made it into matted hair and wore it
anna aru thavaththinUdu Oy – completing that great penance (when asked what benefit she derived)


thannudaiya kUzhaich chadAbAram thAn thariththukUzhai – tresses. She wore her tresses as matted hair. Just like SrI rAma had worn his tresses when he set out for the forest, she also wore her tresses in a similar fashion.

anna arum thavam – Nothing could be said more than saying “it (her penance) was like that”. Since she (AzhwAr in feminine mood) was not satisfied with what she had said, she says arum thavam (rare penance). If one were to describe the qualities of this penance, the mouth will get burnt; if one were to think about the penance, the heart will burn [it was such a severe penance].

thavaththinUdu pOy – did she get her beloved during the course of her penance and give up the penance? No, she completed the penance in full.

Now, the pAsuram speaks about his (her beloved’s) state even as she was suffering like this.

Ayiram thOL – As she was suffering, he was growing manifold, thinking “How fortunate! There are people who desire us!” Unlike SrI rAma, as mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 36-42 “naivadhamSAn na maSakAn na kIdAn na sarIsrUpAn I rAghavO’panayEth gAthrAth thadhgathEnAntharAthmanA  II” (since his heart was focussed on sIthAppirAtti  (after she was abducted by rAvaNa), SrI rAma did not even remove various insects such as flies, mosquitoes, worms and snakes which were crawling on his divine form), he (the beloved of umA) is not one who feels distressed even if separated for just a few days.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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