periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrE

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ennAlE kEttIrE EzhaigAL ennuraikkEn
mannu malaiyaraiyan poRpAvai                                                         65
minnu maNi muRuval sevvAy umai ennum

Word by word meaning

EzhaigAL – Oh ignorant people!
maRRu ivaidhAn ennAlE kEttIrE – Are you remaining to hear examples like these, from me?
en uraikkEn – How much could I tell (you)?

(I will tell you one more example; hear this)
mannu malai araiyan pon pAvai – being the distinguished daughter of himavAn, the unshakeable king of mountains
vAL nilA minnu maNi muRuval sem vAy – having a reddish mouth, with a beautiful smile matching the radiant moon


maRRivaidhAn ennAlE kEttIrE – Are you thinking of hearing thousands of stories like these from me, who attempted to engage in madal but lacking in strength to carry it out?

EzhaigAL – Oh ignorant people! You have not even understood that this is not possible for me.

ennuraikkEn – Is it possible for me to narrate all the examples of those who had engaged in madal? How much could I say? However, I will tell you one more example finally, which cannot be missed out.

mannu malaiyaraiyan – In order to get the true value of gold, a piece of fine gold would be displayed as a representative sample. In the same way, there is a girl who is the example for all the girls in the world. He is the fortunate one who had such a girl as his daughter. One who is fortunate to have given birth to a girl who is the example for all those girls who want to engage in madal.

mannu malaiyaraiyan poRpAvai – Was it some girl who is an anonymous, with regard to her town or parents, who had engaged in madal? Is she not the famous daughter of his, known all over the world!

araiyan poRpAvai – She was born in a regal heritage!

poRpAvai – being distinguished, full of feminine qualities.

vANilA minnum maNi muRuval – Was it someone who had only the heritage, but lacking in physical beauty, who set out to engage in madal? Shining like the splendrous moon!

viLangum – one who has a beautiful smile.

vANilA minnu muRuval – This manifests the whitish gleam from the set of teeth.

maNi muRuval – it is coveted like a gemstone; it is beautiful.

nilA is moon. nilA also refers to the rays of moon. Thus vANilA muRuval could be taken as referring to the smile which emits the rays of moon. It could also be considered as referring to set of teeth which is like the moon, like lightning or like a gemstone.

sevvAy – having a reddish mouth which is in striking contrast with the white set of teeth.

umaiyennum – being famous throughout the world, with this name [umA].

malaiyaraiyan poRpAvai umaiyennum – just as it is mentioned in kEnOpanishath “umAm haimavathIm” (umA, the daughter of himavAn) one who is praised in upanishaths as one who has had vision of the supreme entity

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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