periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANan

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mannavan vANan avuNarkku vAL vEndhan                                              60
thannudaiya pAvai ulagaththuth thannokkum
kanniyarai illAdha kAtchiyAL thannudaiya                                                61
innuyirth thOzhiyAl emperumAn InthuzhAy
mannu maNivaraiththOL mAyavan pAviyEn                                             62

Word by word meaning

mannavan – being the king among kings
avuNarkku vAL vEndhan – being a radiant leader among asuras [demonic entities]
vANan thannudaiya pAvai – as the daughter of bANAsura
ulagaththu than okkum kanniyarai illAdha kAtchiyALushai, who is so extremely beautiful, with none in the world equalling her in beauty
thannudaiya innuyir thOzhiyAl – with the help of her dear friend, chithralEkai
mannu maNi varai thOL mAyavan – one with amazing activities, having divine shoulders adorned with divine thuLasi garland and matching a mountain of gemstones


purandharanOdu Er okkum mannavan vANan – bANasura, the king among kings, who equalled the greatness of indhra [as mentioned in the previous verse]

avuNarkku vAL vEndhan – leader of demonic entities

thannudaiya pAvai – his daughter

ulagaththuth than okkum kanniyarai illAdha  kAtcvhiyAL – among girls of her age, there was none who could equal her in beauty

thannudaiya innuriyth thOzhiyAl – with the help of her friend, dearer than her life, chithralEkai, who was like her right hand

emperumAn InthuzhAy – azhagiya maNavALap perumAL nAyanAr, one of the commentators for this prabandham mercifully says “apart from confirming that emperumAn is full of auspicious qualities to counter those who say that the supreme entity is without any quality, just like emperumAnAr (bhagavath rAmAnujar) who gets deeply involved in the auspicious qualities of emperumAn, she too [thirumangai AzhwAr in feminine mood] gets deeply engaged with the material [sweet thuLasi] which will not allow her to go past and neither will it allow her to describe clearly.

emperumAn – one who made me his servitor by making me engage with him full and set out with madal [in order to attain him].

InthuzhAy mannu maNi varaiththOL mAyavan – amazing entity with shouders matching a mountain made of gem stones and having very sweet thuLasi, fitting well on those shoulders

mAyavan – even though AzhwAr is in a state where he despises emperumAn, the moment he thinks of emperumAn, due to the involvement, he calls him as an amazing entity. He says “What a wonder is this! Even when I am setting out to engage in madal, he is making me get engaged with him!”

pAviyEn – since she is unable to attain the shouders which had embraced her earlier, she is calling herself as pAviyEn (one who has sinned). Alternatively, this could be considered as – isn’t ushai a fortunate girl having a friend who brought her beloved person as soon as she [uhsai] got involved with him! What sort of sin have I committed that even when I wish to engage in madal, I have friends who are trying to dissuade me?”  Another interpretation – “What sins have I committed! All those who are going in the long street, where I am setting out with madal, are dissuading me from engaging in madal”. Yet another interpretation – “getting caught in the deep river of bhagavath kAmam (love for emperumAn), I am unable to extricate myself and reach the shore and engage in madal. What sin have I committed?”

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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