periya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEl

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konnavilum nILvEl kurukkaL kulamadhalai
thannigar onRillAdha venRith thananjayanaip                                       56
pannAgarAyan madappAvai pAvai than
manniya nAN achcham madam enRivai agalath                                    57

Word by word meaning

kol navilum nIL vEl – having a spear, which is long and which knows how to kill, in the hand
kurukkaL kula madhalai – one who was born in the clan of kurus
than nigar onRu illAdha venRi – one with unparalleled victories
dhananjayanai – arjuna
pannAgarAyan madam pAvai – woman with timidity, ulUpi, who is the daughter of gauravya, a king of snakes
pAvai than manniya nAN achcham madam ivai agala – ridding herself of feminine qualities such as shyness, fear, timidity


min Adum kol navilum nIL vEl – spear having radiance similar to lightning, moving very fast, having the ability to kill enemies even on sighting them, churning their stomachs, having a length such that it can kill enemies wherever they are.

kurukkaL kulamadhalai – one born in the clan of kurus; they are like the teachers for the whole world. One who is prominent among them.

thannigar onRillAdha – one who is such courageous that even SrI krishNa cannot equal him

venRith thananjayanai – arjuna who knows nothing other than victory

dhananjayanai – one who has won over the purushArtham (ultimate benefits) of wealth and lust. Did he not consider Urvasi, who desired him, as his ‘mother’ [since she is one of the consorts of his father, indhra]?

pannAgarAyan madappAvaipannagam: padhA na gachchadhIthi pannaga: (that which cannot move with its feet) – meaning a snake. The term pannagarAyan has got lengthened [for one syllable] and has got changed to pannAgarAyan. Daughter of the king of snakes, with abundant femininity.

madappAvai – There is none who is greater than she, in femininity.

pAvai than manniya nAn achcham madam ivaiyagala – The qualities of shyness, fear and timidity, which are natural rather than having been acquired after the time of birth, getting destroyed like an ocean drying up.

nANam – in activities which are inappropriate for a female, mind getting shrivelled.

achcham – mind trembling even at the thought of such an activity.

madam – pretending to be ignorant even after knowing everything.

payirppu – loathing even if the dress of any male touches her

Since any woman with chastity will not give up the fourth mentioned quality (payirppu) it has not been taken here as an essential quality for a lady.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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