periya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRu

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pinnum thiraivayiRRup pEyE thirindhulavAk                                        49
konnavilum vengAnaththu Udu vengadhirOn
thunnu veyil vaRuththa vembaralmEl panjadiyAl                                50
mannan irAman pin vaidhEvi enRu uraikkum

Word by word meaning

pinnum – moreover
thirai vayiRu pEyE thirindhu – having only ghosts, which are with empty stomachs (due to lack of food), which keep roaming
ulavA kol navilum – having only the sound of killing continuously being emitted
vem kAnaththUdu – inside the cruel forest
kodu kadhirOn thunnu veyil vaRuththa vembaral mEl – on top of the pebbles which have been roasted by the rays of the hot sun
vaidhEvi enRu uraikkum – one who is referred to as vaidhEhi


pinnum – more than what had been said before

thirai vayiRRup pEyE thirindhu – only ghosts were roaming there, with empty stomachs. They have not had any food and hence are famished. Since the verse says pEyE it implies that there is no other creature in that place.

ulavAk kol navilum – the only talk there seems to be “this person entered the forest and died; that person who entered the forest is struggling for his life”. It could also be considered as ulavA vengAnam – the cruel forest which keeps extending continuously, just as it is said in SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANdam 1-30 “thE vanEna vanam gathvA” (they entered one forest after another)

vem kAnaththUdu – amidst the most cruel forest

kodum kadhirOn – one who is on the side of kaikEyi; one who created  hot rays just to torment SrI rAma.

thunnu veyil – full sunshine

veyil vaRuththa vem paral – the sunshine is roasting pebbles; as they are getting roasted, the pebbles become cruel themselves and become capable of roasting the sunshine; in the end, they attain sufficient heat even to burn the sun.

vem paral mEl – on top of such pebbles

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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