periya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRil

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pinnum avvanRil pedai vAych chiRukuralukku                                         42
unni udal urugi naiyAdhAr umbar vAy

Word by word meaning

peNNaimEl pinnum – hooking its beak with its male’s, on top of the palm tree
avvanRil pedai vAy siRu kuralukku – hearing the feeble voice from the mouth of the female love-bird
unni – thinking back on the union with their males
udal urugi naiyAdhAr – those who do not have their physical forms destroyed, by melting
umbar vAy – in the sky


peNNai mEl pinnum avvarnRil pEdai vAych chiRukuralukku unni udal urugi naiyAdhAr – two love birds, a male and a female, are sitting on top of the palm tree and each has caught the beak of the other bird, during their act of uniting. The female bird is making some feeble sounds. On hearing these sounds, instead of reminiscing about how they had united with their beloved and how they were making these noises, there are those who will not melt in this situation. When there is a flood, it will rip open both its banks and flow. In the same way, the body, on reminiscing about the moments spent with the beloved, will become very weak and get destroyed. If they have to start speaking, they will have to take rest ten times, before completing the first word. This is how weak they will be. But these people will not have such torments.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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