periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin

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ponniyal kaRpagaththin kAduduththa mAdellAm
manniya mandhAram pUththa madhuththivalai                                  24
innisai vaNdamarum sOlaivAy mAlai sEr
manniya mAmayil pOl kUndhal mazhaiththadangaN                          25
minnidaiyArOdum viLaiyAdi vENdidaththu

Word by word meaning

pon iyal kaRpagaththin kAdu uduththa – surrounded by a forest of golden hued kaRpaga trees (wish-fulfilling, celestial tree)
mAdu ellAm manniya mandhAram pUththa madhu thivalai – in the drops of honey secreting from the flowers of pArijAtha trees (another celestial tree, with fragrant flowers), which are seen on all sides
in isai vaNdu amarum sOlai vAy – in the orchards, inside which beetles are humming with sweet music
mAlai sEr manniya mAmayil pOl kUndhal – being decked with flowers and having tresses which look like the long feathers of peacocks, fitting well
mazhai thadam kaN – having expansive eyes which are cool and dark like rain bearing cloud
min idaiyarOdum – with celestial damsels who have their waists slender like lightning
vENdidaththu viLaiyAdi – playing joyfully in places which they desire


ponniyal kaRpagam – being the apt, golden kaRpagam for the golden town (kaRpaga is a wish-fulfilling tree seen in celestial places). If the text is manniya kaRpagam it would mean well established (firmly rooted) kaRpaga trees.

kaRpagaththin kAduduththa – it is an attribute for the orchard. An orchard, surrounded by kaRpaga trees.

mAdellAm manniya mandhAram pUththa madhuththivalai – in the drops of honey which are falling from the mandhAra trees (pArijAtha tree unique to svargam) which are seen everywhere.

innisai vaNdamarum sOlai – it is an orchard where beetles are humming sweet songs. Since they are immersed in honey, the beetles are not visible; however their presence is detected by the music that they keep humming.

sOlaivAy – in the orchard.

Next, the pAsuram describes the tresses of the women in that place.

mAlai sEr – tress decorated with flowers.

manniya mAmayil poL kUndhal – they have tresses which resemble the huge feathers of peacocks, which are present naturally.

mAlai sEr . . . . kUndhal – this shows the decorations which they have done to their tresses.

mazhaiththdangaN – these women have eyes which are dark and cool, like rain bearing clouds and are expansive.

minnidaiyArOdum viLaiyAdi – playing with these women who have waists which are like lightning.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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