periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul

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minnanaiya nuNmarungul melliyalAr veN muRuval                            22
munnam mugizhththa mugizh nilA vandharumba
annavar tham mAnOkkam uNdAngu aNimalar sEr                             23  

Word by word meaning

minnanaiya nuNmarungul melliyalAr – tender women having waist as subtle as lightning
munnam mugizhththa – revealed at the beginning itself
veN muRuval – (their) white teeth
mugizh niLa vandhu arumba – young moon, spreading
annanvar tham – women-folk like that
mAn nOkkam uNdu – enjoying their look which is like the look of a doe
Angu – at the same time
aNimalar sEr – with abundance of beautiful flowers


min anaiya nuN marungul – those who have their waists which would make people who look at them to cry out “Take care! You might fall down”, being thinner than lightning.

mel iyalAr – they have tenderness as a natural attribute

munnam mugizhththa veN muRuval mugizh nilA vandhu arumba – their white smile, which is like a just rising moon spreading its radiance, would already indicate their opinion.

munnam mugizhththa – the opinion is that their smile is already giving out information which is going to be mentioned next, of the activity of plucking flowers from orchards.

annavar tham mAn nOkkam uNdu – enjoying the look of such persons whose eyes are like a doe’s

Next, the pAsuram talks about an orchard which forms instantly in front of the eyes due to the result of virtues (in svargam) and plucking of flowers and playing as mentioned in the earlier line through the reference to smile.

aNi malar sEr – the orchard is full of flowers which are decorative for that world

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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