periya thirumadal – 19 – ponnagaram pukku

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ponnagaram pukku amarar pORRiseppap pongoLi sEr
konnavilum kOLarimAth thAn sumandha kOlam sEr               20

Word by word meaning

amarar pORRi seppa – to be praised by the celestial entities
pongu oLi sEr – having a radiance which keeps growing
kol navilum kOLarimAth thAn sumandhu kOlam sEr – being beautiful and supported by a strong lion which talks slanderously about the activity of killing


amarar pORRi seppa – just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 10-9-8 “mudiyudai vAnavar muRai muRai edehir koLLa” (nithyasUris, who are crowned with the title of servitorship, welcome mukthAthmAs in the proper way), the celestial entities (in svargam) praise those who reach svargam by exclaiming “Such a great person is coming who, when he was on the earth, was engaged with accumulating wealth, and desirous of this purushArtham (ultimate benefit), he has carried out several penances, torturing his body and observing activities in line with that! ”

pongoLi sEr – unlike entities on earth which lose their lustre as days pass on, the entities in svargam have their radiance growing by the day, since it is the land of puNyapalam (result of carrying out virtues).

kol navilum kOLarimA – lions which (have been sculpted) appear to be strong and ready to pounce and kill those who are approaching

thAn sumandha – appearing as if they are live lions which are supporting, with affection in their hearts

kOlam sEr – being fit with several courtyards which have formed in a natural way

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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