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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr was sad that emperumAn was not showing any mercy on him and that emperumAn was not showing himself to him.  Hearing this, emperumAn tells him “Could you feel sad like this? Did I not create a craving in you, making you to yearn to see me? ” which makes AzhwAr feel very proud. As a result, he says in this pAsuram “There is none comparable to me”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

puviyum iruvisumbum  ninnagaththa nIyen
seviyin vazhipugundhu ennuLLAy avivinRi
yAn periyan nI periyai enbadhanai yAr aRivAr
Un parugu nEmiyAy uLLu

Word by Word Meanings

Un parugu nEmiyAy – Oh one who has the chakra (disc) which drinks up the blood of enemies!

puviyum – this world (which is made of primordial matter)

iruvisumbum – the expansive land of paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam) which is not made of primordial matter

nin agaththa – are under your control

nI – you (who are as mentioned above)

en seivyin vazhi pugundhu – entering through my ear

avivinRi – without any interruption

en uLLAy – exist inside me

nAn periyan – am I greater (between the two of us)?

nI periyai – Are you the greater?

enbadhanai – this matter

yAr aRivAr – who could know?

uLLu – think (yourself)


puviyum iruvisumbum ninnagaththa – both this leelA vibhUthi (materialistic realm) and nithya vibhUthi (the spiritual realm) exist due to your will. The word puvi refers to the entire materialistic realm (created by emperumAn for his pastime) and the word iruvisumbu refers to the ethereal layer of paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam).

nI en seviyin vazhi pugundhu avivinRi ennuLLAy – you take your existence in my heart permanently, by entering through my ears.

yAn periyAn nI periyai enbadhanai yAr aRivAr – Are you, the controller of these two realms, the greater between the two of us or am I, who had now taken you, the controller of the two realms, inside of me, the greater between the two of us? Who will know this?

Un parugu nEmiyAy uLLu – Since you are having the disc, which drinks up the blood of all enemies, in your hand, you have unbridled power of knowledge. Hence, you please give an answer to this query.

For the second part of this pAsuram, another interpretation is provided by knowledgeable persons.

avivinRi yAn periyan – Since I have kept you, who control both the realms, inside me, without any doubt, I am the greater between the two of us.

nI periyai enbadhanai yAr aRivAr – When this is the fact, who will know that you are greater between us?

Since AzhwAr has mercifully called himself as great (periyan) in this pAsuram, AzhwAr is known by the name periyAn in AzhwArthirunagari, the place of his birth. Even though this prabandham has only 87 pAsurams, people will say that this is the reason why it is called as periya thiruvandhAdhi (the great thiruvandhAdhi).

We will move on to the 76th pAsuram next.

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