periya thiruvandhAdhi – 21 – senRangu vennaragil

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AzhwAr says that the divine foot [of emperumAn] which measured the worlds, came on its own and took residence in his heart. He says further that if anyone tries to control it, it is not possible.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

senRangu vennaragil sErAmal kAppadhaRku
inRingennenjAl idukkuNda aNrangup
pAr uruvum pAr vaLaiththa nIr uruvum kaN pudhaiyak
kAr uruvan thAn nimirththak kAl

Word by Word Meanings

kAr uruvan thAn – emperumAn who has the form of clouds
anRu – during that time when mahAbali conducted yagyam (ritual with agni, fire)
angu – on his yagyabhUmi (place where he conducted the yagyam)
pAr uruvum – the form of earth
pAr vaLaiththa nIr uruvum – the form of water [ocean] which is surrounding earth
kaN pudhaiya – such that they [the worlds] are hidden
nimirththa – making them [divine feet] to grow
kAl – divine feet
angu senRu – going to the respective world
vem naragil – in samsAram which is like a cruel hell
sErAmal kAppadhaRku – to protect so as not to get immersed
inRu – now
ingu – in this world itself
en nenjAl – by my mind
idukkuNda – hemmed in


senRu angu vennaragil sErAmal kAppadhaRku inRu ingu en nenjAl idukkuNda – in order to make sure that we do not get caught in the hell called as samsAram (materialistic realm) and to protect us, the divine feet which went to various worlds and measured them, now, in this world, were hemmed in by my heart.  The words vennaragil sErAmal kAppadhaRku could also be taken to mean that (the divine feet) would not allow us to go away from emperumAn, thinking that we are ‘unsuitable’ and would protect us. In the first interpretation, the word vennaragu would mean samsAram and in the second interpretation, it would mean moving away from emperumAn, considering ourselves as ‘unsuitable’. For those who have knowledge, wouldn’t both samsAram and moving away from emperumAn be the same?

In the rest of the pAsuram, AzhwAr explains the nature of the divine feet which were hemmed in.

anRangup pAruruvum pAr vaLaiththa nIr uruvum kaN pudhaiyak kAr uruvan nimirththak kAl – The divine feet, which are hemmed in now, in this world, by my heart, are those which belong to him who, on that day [when mahAbali gave him consent to give land equivalent to vAman’s three steps], took a huge, darkened cloud like form with which he hid all the worlds and the oceans surrounding the worlds.

kAl idukkuNdaAzhwAr is amazed that the divine feet, which measured all the worlds, got hemmed in by his heart.

We will move on to the 22nd pAsuram next.

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