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When AzhwAr was told “Let the knowledgeable consider their bodies as disease. For us the connection with samsAram (materialistic realm) is not ending”, he responds “If you attain kaNNan (krishNa) who protected the world when it was under deluge, you can also uplift yourselves”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

virandhadaimin mElorunAL veLLam parakkak
karandhulagam kAththaLiththa kaNNan parandhulagam
pAdina Adina kEttup padunaragam
vIdina vAsaR kadhavu

Word for Word Meanings

parandhu – pervading everywhere
Adina – dancing
ulagam – distinguished followers
pAdina – the divine names recited
kEttu – since they were heard
padunagaram vAsal – at the entrance of hell
kadhavu – doors
vIdina – fell down
mEl oru nAL – at an earlier point of time
veLLam parakka – when the flood due to deluge spread
ulagam – all the worlds
karandhu – hiding (inside his stomach)
kAththu aLiththa – removed the sorrow and protected
kaNNan – kanna pirAn (krishNa)
viraindhu adaimin – go soon and bow down to him.


viraindhadaimin – Looking at (the extent of) your sins, shouldn’t you attain him fast? Who should we attain? AzhwAr says we should attain the one who has protection of those who are caught in deluge as his duty.

mEl oru nAL – just as the flood of samsAram (materialistic realm) is surrounding you today, the flood of deluge had surrounded the worlds then.

ulagam karandhu kAththu – hiding all the worlds inside his divine stomach; even if deluge came searching for a long time, hiding and protecting them inside his divine stomach so that deluge wouldn’t know their (worlds’) whereabouts.

aLiththa kaNNan – attain such kaNNan who protected, fast. Also, kaNNan who showered his mercy on hearing the worlds singing about him (which comes later in the pAsuram)

When the fear of hell is troubling us, how do we attain him?

parandhu Adina ulagam pAdina kEttu – hearing the divine names of emperumAn from SrIvaishNavas who have pervaded all over the world and who are dancing. As the saying goes “ulagam enbadhu uyarndhOr mAttE” (world is with those who are distinguished), the word ulagam refers to followers of emperumAn who are greater than nithyasUris.

parandhu Adina ulagam Adina kEttunammAzhwAr mercifully mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 5-2-4kidandhum irundhum ezhundhum gIdham palapala pAdi nadandhum paRandhum kuniththum nAdagam seyginRanavE” ((followers of emperumAn) were lying down, sitting, standing, walking around, singing many songs on emperumAn, dancing without their legs touching the ground and joyfully going around) and in thiruvAimozhi 5-2-6nanRisai pAdiyum thuLLiyAdiyum gyAlam parandhAr” ((followers of emperumAn were) singing songs happily, jumping up and down, pervading all over the world ).

kEttu padu naragam – after hearing the divine names of emperumAn [through these songs etc], hell became heaven as mentioned in thirumAlai 12namanum muRgalanum pEsa naragil ninRArgaL kEtka naragamE suvargamAgum nAmangaLudaiya nambi” (emperumAn. the benefactor, has such sweet names that once when yama and mudhgala [a soul which had reached hell] were talking about the divine names of emperumAn, hell got transformed into heaven).

naragam vIdina vAsal kadhavu – the doors at the entrance to hell broke down completely. The implication is that there is no need for you (samsAris) to fear anything.

kaNNan ulgam parandhu pAdina Adina kEttup padu naragam vIdina vAsaR kadhavunammAzhwAr explained the meanings of this pAsuram in his thiruvAimozhi 5-2-1kadalvaNNan bhUdhangaL maNmEl maliyappugundhu isaipAdi Adi uzhidharak kaNdOm” (we saw the followers of emperumAn who has the complexion of ocean, pervading all over this world, singing sweet songs [on emperumAn] and dancing here and there).

Alternatively, we can consider that (thirumazhisai) AzhwAr was mercifully telling this pAsuram to the messengers of yama.

vIdina vAsal kadhavu viraindhu adaimin – after hearing the divine names of emperumAn, those who were inside hell, broke the doors of hell and went out. Oh messengers of yama! Come fast and bolt the doors of hell. poygai AzhwAr, in his mudhal thiruvandhAdhi 87 mercifully said “ini yAr puguvAr ezhu naraga vAsal muniyAdhu mUriththAL kONmin” (Oh messengers of yama! Who will henceforth enter the gates of hell? Without getting angry, close the gates of hell with a strong latch).

We will move on to the 81st pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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