nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi – 30 – avan ennai ALi

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AzhwAr was asked “If he is ugappuruvan, oLiyuruvan and magappuruvan (as seen in the previous pAsuram), how did you see him?” He responds “When he has discarded SrIvaikuNtam and taken residence in my heart, what is the difficulty in seeing him!” Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

avan ennai ALi arangaththu arangil
avan ennai eydhAmal kAppAn avan ennadhu
uLLaththu ninRAn irundhAn kidakkumE
veLLath tharavaNaiyin mEl

Word for Word Meanings

ennai ALi – he rules over me and showers his grace on me
arangaththu avan – SrI ranganAthan
ennai arangil – in the stage of samsAram (materialistic realm)
eydhAmal – without entering
kAppAn – will protect
avan – that emperumAn
ennadhu – my
uLLaththu – in [my] heart
ninRAn irundhAn – carried out the activities of standing and sitting

(thus, henceforth)
avan – that emperumAn
veLLaththu – in the milky ocean
aravu aNaiyin mEl – on the mattress of AdhiSEshan
kidakkumE – will he reside aptly (no, he will not)


arangaththu avan ennai ALi – the one who has taken residence in SrIrangam and who is referred to by all as “he is SrI rAma” is the one who rules over me. It is implied that emperumAn is lying in SrIrangam only to protect AzhwAr.

What did he do lying in SrIrangam? ….

arangil avan ennai eydhAmal kAppAn – it is he who protects me from entering the stage called as samsAram. nammAzhwAr too mentioned of samsAram as a theatre [play or dance] in his thiruvAimozhi 8-4-11 “piRavi mAmAyak kUththu” Just as a person dons several roles and comes on stage, an AthmA takes many physical forms and comes on the stage of samsAram [in multitude of births].

Thus, until now AzhwAr spoke of the means that emperumAn had observed to obtain one AzhwAr. Now he speaks of the benefits that emperumAn accrued from AzhwAr.

avan ennadhu uLLaththu ninRAn irundhAn – AzhwAr implies that emperumAn reclined in thiruppARkadal (milky ocean) and thiruvarangam (SrIrangam) in order to enter AzhwAr’s heart. Just as it is mentioned “rakshyApEkshAm prathIkshathE” (looking forward to the desire of the protected), emperumAn keeps waiting for a person to be protected and once he obtained a foothold to enter AzhwAr’s heart, he was overjoyed and carried out the activities of standing, sitting and lying down in AzhwAr’s heart as if he had got something which he could never have got.

kidakkumE veLLaththaravaNaimEl – hereafter, will he ever lie down on top of AdhiSEshan in SrIvaikuNtam? Once a person gets the readily available means, will he/she observe the rituals to get to the means? Here, the reference made to AdhiSEshan in thiruppARkadal is also applicable to his postures of standing, sitting or lying down in other dhivyadhESams (divine abodes) such as paramapadham, thirumalai, thiruvarangam etc.

We will go on to the 31st pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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