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AzhwAr, to the query whether we should create some qualification for ourselves to attain him, says that these are not necessary. He says, isn’t he the one who can be attained even by animals! Moreover, there are no rules and regulations for attaining him. It should be considered that whatever is done to attain him has been done following the rule. AzhwAr says that emperumAn considers whatever has been done by those who are favourable to him, as activities which are done in order to attain him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pugumadhaththAl vAy pUsik kIzh thAzhndhu aruvi
ugumadhaththAl kAl kazhuvik kaiyAl migumadhaththEn
viNda malar koNdu viRal vEngadavanaiyE
kaNdu vaNangum kaLiRu

Word by Word Meanings

kaLiRu – the elephant (in thirumalai)
pugumadhaththAl vAy pUsi – gargling its mouth with the exulting liquid which is coming from its forehead and cheeks and carrying out purification process for its mouth
kIzh thAzhndhu aruvi ugumadhaththAl – with the exulting liquid which is flowing like a river from its head towards the ground
kAl kazhivi – washing its feet
kaiyAl – with its trunk
migu madham thEn – having honey which creates exultation
viNda – blossomed
malar koNdu – with flower
viRal vEngadavanaiyE – the lord at thirumalai who is extremely strong
kaNdu vaNangum – will worship him.


pugu madhaththAl vAy pUsi – with the exulting fluid which is coming out of its forehead, neck, cheeks etc

vAy pUsi – normally the exulting fluid which is in excess will go into the mouth of the elephant. This becomes the Achamanam (a purification process) which the elephant follows.

kIzhththAzhndhu aruvi ugumadhaththAl kAl kazhuvi – cleaning its feet with the exultation fluid which flows down from its forehead

kaiyAl migu madhaththEn viNda malar koNdu – plucking flowers from ponds with vanity. This is the implement for thiruvArAdhanam [divine method of worship] which the elephant does. Using flowers which have honey which can create exultation. Since another meaning for madham is sweet fragrance, we can construe the meaning for this verse as – taking flowers which have sweet fragrance and honey.

viRal vEngadavanaiyEAzhwAr says that emperumAn is so powerful that he grants knowledge to even animals to worship him. Merely residing at thirumalai hills will enable one to attain emperumAn, an activity which is the result of knowledge.

vEngadavanaiyE – is the elephant worshipping SrIvaikuNtanAthan? Is it not worshipping thiruvEngavan!

kaNdu vaNangum kaliRu – isn’t this elephant too attaining emperumAn just like another elephant (gajEndhran) which attained him!

kaLiRu – this implies that for those attaining emperumAn, being born in a great lineage, activities, natural characteristics etc are not of material value.

We will take up the 71st pAsuram next.

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