mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 41 – mannu maNi mudi nINdu

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AzhwAr again thinks of emperumAn measuring the worlds and reminisces about it.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

mannu maNi mudi nINdu aNdampOy eNdhisaiyum
thunnu pozhilanaiththum sUzh kazhalE minnai
udaiyAgak koNdu anRu ulagaLandhAn kunRam
kudaiyAga AkAththa kO

Word by Word Meanings

kunRam kudaiyAga – holding the gOvardhana hill as an umbrella
AkAththa kO – the swAmy (lord) who protected the cows
anRu – once upon a time
mannu maNi mudi – the apt crown which has gems
nINdu – growing tall
aNdam pOy – reaching up to the walls of the universe
eN dhisaiyum – all the eight directions
thunnu pozhil anaiththum – the entire earthen region which is inhabited (by jIvAthmAs)
sUzh – pervaded
kazhalE – being only the divine feet
minnai udai Agak koNdu ulagu aLandhAn – measured the worlds, wearing lightning as his divine clothing.


mannu maNi mudi nINdu aNdam pOy – the crown of emperumAn, decorated with beautiful gems and being appropriate to his greatness, stretched up to the wall of the universe .

eN dhisaiyum thunnu pozhil anaiththam sUzh kazhalE – the eight directions and the islands in those directions appeared as if they were only the divine feet [the divine feet had stretched that much]

aNdam pOy eN dhisaiyum mannu mudi nINdu – the crown which is symbolic of emperumAn being the lord of all the worlds, stretched in all the eight directions up to the end of universe.

thunnu pozhil anaiththum sUzh kazhalE – making it appear that the worlds, which are full of chEthanas (sentient beings), are nothing but the divine feet

thunnu pozhil – the earth is full of living beings

minnai udaiyAgak koNdu – since the crown went beyond the clouds and grew, emperumAn utilised lightning as his dress.

anRu ulagu aLandhAn – he measured the worlds which he received as gift from mahAbali during that time.

kunRam kudaiyAga AkAththa kOemperumAn who held gOvardhana hill as an umbrella and protected cows. Once (when he measured the worlds) he hid the worlds with his divine feet. Once he hid himself when he lifted the gOvardhana hill. Measuring the worlds was the activity that he carried out on the day that he was born [as vAmana]. Lifting the hill as an umbrella was the activity that he carried out when he was seven years of age. In the former case, he protected all the worlds. In the latter case, he protected one town.

We will move on to the 42nd pAsuram.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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