mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 6 – azhaganRE AzhiyARku

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In this pAsuram, AzhwAr enjoys the beauty of emperumAn as mentioned in the previous pAsuram and his divine activities.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

azhaganRE AzhiyARku Azhi nIr vaNNam
azhaganRE aNdam kadaththal azhaganRE
angai nIrERRARku alarmElOn kAl kazhuva
gangai nIr kAnRa kazhal

Word by Word Meanings

AzhiyARku – for the supreme being who is holding the divine disc
Azhi nIr vaNNam – the complexion of ocean
azhagu anRE – is it not beauty personified!
aNdam kadaththal – the activity of measuring the worlds
azhagu anRE – is it not beauty personified!
am kai – in the beautiful hand
nIr ERRARku – for emperumAn who accepted water [from mahAbali as symbolic of accepting alms]
alar mElOn – brahmA, who  is atop lotus
kAl kazhuva – when he washed the divine feet

(at that time)
gangai nIr – the pure water of gangA
kAnRa – one which exhibited
kazhal – that divine foot
azhagu anRE – is it not beauty personified!


azhaganRE AzhiyARku Azhi nIr vaNNam – For emperumAn, is it only the complexion to have the colour of ocean? Is it not beauty also! For the term AzhiyARku we can consider the meaning as – one who is having the divine disc. Then the meaning will change as – the colour of emperumAn will be contrasting to that of disc. Thus, just like it is for disc, the complexion of emperumAn will also be great. For such a person, is there a need for any other ornament!

azhaganRE aNdam kadaththal – it is not only the complexion, even the activity is beautiful. Did he carry out the difficult to achieve tasks with lot of effort?

azhaganRE – isn’t the activity of measuring all the worlds, beautiful too! Hasn’t nammAzhwAr too mercifully stated in his thiruvAimozhi 2-2-11Eththa Ezhulagum koNda kOlakkUththanaI” (praising emperumAn who measured the worlds beautifully) (kOlakkUththan – one who carries out an activity beautifully).

azhaganRE angai nIr ERRARku – isn’t emperumAn’s posture even as he took the water as symbolic of alms, from mahAbali in his beautiful hands, so beautiful!

angai nIr ERRARku – for one who had all along been only giving to others, taking alms from someone else, as mentioned by ANdAL in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 11-5 “pollAk kuRaLuruvAyp poRkaiyil nIr ERRu” (taking water in his golden hand, mischievously, as a dwarf) even the hand was described as golden (poRkai).

alarmElOn kAl kazhuva – brahmA washed the divine foot of emperumAn

gangai nIr kAnRa kazhal azhaganRE – are the divine feet only responsible for creating an abundance of gangA water? Were they not beautiful! The divine feet are not only sacred; they are sweet too! AzhwAr says that they are not meant for exhibiting an amazing activity or for manifesting their greatness. Are they not meant for exhibiting beauty!

We shall move on to the 7th pAsuram next.

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