iraNdAM thiruvandhAdhi – 49 – malai Ezhum

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AzhwAr says that after emperumAn took residence at thirumalai, there is no need to fear that there is any hurdle for us. Hence, call out his name in such a way that the entire world vibrates with that.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

malai Ezhum mAnilangal Ezhum adhira
kulaisUzh kuraikadalgaL Ezhum mulai sUzhndha
nanjuraththup peNNai navinRu uNda nAvan enRu
anjAdhu en nenjE azhai

Word by Word Meaning

en nenjE – Oh my heart!
m alai Ezhum – the seven kulaparvathams (major mountains)
mA nilangaL Ezhum – the seven dhvIpams (islands) such as jambhUdhvIpam etc
kulai sUzh kurai kadalgaL Ezhum – the seven oceans which are surrounded by shores and which raise continuous noise
adhira – to vibrate
mulai sUzhndha nanju uraththup peNNai – the cruel demonic person pUthanA, who had poison all over her bosom
navinRu – speaking (gibberish words even as he was drinking her milk)
uNda – one who drank
nAvan – Oh one who has the divine tongue!
anjAdhu – without any fear
azhai – call out


malai Ezhum – the seven kulaparvathams which are like huge support for earth

mA nilangaL Ezhum – the seven dhvIpams such as jambhUdhvIpam etc

kulai sUzh kurai kadalgaL Ezhum – the seven oceans, without crossing their shores, remaining within them and making noise

adhira – making these to vibrate

mulai sUzhndha nanjuraththup peNNai – pUthanA, who was strong, after applying poison all over her bosom

navinRu uNda nAvan enRu – having a tongue which was speaking some unintelligible words as if he were expressing his thankfulness to her for nursing him

anjAdhu en nenjE azhai – call out to him without fearing about hurdles.

What will happen to the hurdles? They will face the same fate as pUthanA did.

anjAdhu en nenjE azhai – there is nothing that we need to do for removing our enemies. It is enough if we recite his divine names and enjoy them. Alternatively, we can construe the meaning for anjAdhu as “not being afraid that we are not qualified to recite his names”. Even a demonic person such as pUthanA was able to approach him and hence we need not fear to approach him. AzhwAr tells his divine heart to call him out loudly such that the whole world vibrates with that call.

We shall take up the 50th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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