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AzhwAr tells the people that once he likes you, you also try and like him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

mAlai ariyuruvan pAdhamalar aNindhu
kAlai thozhudhezhumin kaikOli gyAlam
aLandhu idandhu uNdu umizhndha aNNalai maRRallAl
uLam kidandhavARRAl uNarndhu

Word by Word Meaning

gyAlam – the entire world
aLandhu – (playfully) measured
idandhu – (as varAha) dug out
uNdu – (during deluge) kept inside the stomach
umizhndha – later spat it out

carrying out the activities (of protection) like these
aNNalai – emperumAn, my supreme swAmy
maRRu aLLAl – apart from the protective activities mentioned earlier
uLLam kidandha ARRAl – in different ways residing inside the hearts of followers (melting their hearts)
uNarndhu – meditating

earlier in order to show mercy on prahlAdha
ari uruvan – that emperumAn who incarnated as narasinga mUrthy
pAdha malar – in the divine lotus feet
mAlai aNindhu – decorating with garlands
kAlai – in the early hours of the morning
kai kOli thozhudhu – worshipping with folded hands
ezhumin – uplift yourselves


mAlai ari uruvan pAdhamalar aNindhu – gathering beautiful garlands and offering them at the divine feet of emperumAn who keeps the form that he takes for the sake of his followers.

ari uruvan – divine feet of narasingan who is beautiful and gentle

kAlai thozhudhu ezhumin kai kOli – worship emperumAn at the appropriate period of sathvam (tranquil), which is also called as brahma muhUrtham [4 am to 6 am] and uplift yourselves. kaikOli would refer to the involvement with which he is attained. Alternatively it would refer to folding the hands and performing anjali (worshipping with folded hands). emperumAn has created various methods to attain, to worship and to decorate.

gyAlam aLandhu idandhu uNdu umizhndha aNNalai – protecting in all the ways. emperumAn who has such qualities and activities.

What are those activities?

gyAlam aLandhu – measuring the entire earth. This implies that he keeps his divine feet on the heads of even those who do not fold their hands in worship.

idandhu – incarnating as mahA varAha (great boar) to dig out the earth during deluge. This implies that he protects when there is danger.

uNdu umizhndhu – keeping in the stomach due to deluge and protecting, and later spitting so that it world can go on an outing. This implies that he is accustomed to protecting during times of deluge.

aNNalai – indicating to the world due to his aforesaid activities that he is the head of the world. The head who has qualities and activities enjoyed by chEthanas (sentient entities).

aNNal – chief. This indicates the relationship for carrying out the aforesaid activities. It indicates the unbreakable relationship even if he is not the one to protect.

maRRu allAl uLam kidandhavARRAl uNarndhu – apart from these [activities], mediating on all the others which were to be thought of. Other than the general activities that he had carried out for protecting the world, there will be many other activities to which he would have undertaken for the sake of his followers, making them feel “how simple is he” and losing their hearts out. AzhwAr thinks that since he melts on thinking of activities of emperumAn other then whatever had been mentioned in this pAsuram, others will also melt like he did.

The sequence to get the correct flow of meaning is: gyAlam aLandhu idandhu uNdu umizhndha aNNalai maRRallAl uLam kidandhavARRAl uNarndhu ariyuruvan pAdhamalar mAlai aNindhu kaikOli kAlai thozhudhu ezhumin.

We shall take up the 48th pAsuram next.

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