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iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi – 32 – magizhndhadhu sindhai

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AzhwAr mercifully says how his sensory perceptions, without waiting for his upadhESam (spiritual instructions) engaged with emperumAn. He says that his mind, speech and bodily faculties engaged with emperumAn.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

magizhndhadhu sindhai thirumAlE maRRum
magizhndhadhu nin pAdhamE pORRi magizhndhadhu
azhal Azhi sangam avai pAdiyAdum
thozhil Agam sUzhndhu thuNindhu

Word by Word Meaning

thirumAlE – Oh the consort of mahAlakshmi!
sindhai – my heart
sUzhndhu – engaged
thuNindhu – with firmness
magizhndhadhu – became happy
maRRum – my faculty of speech, after my heart
un pAdhamE pORRi – worshipping only your divine feet
magizhndhadhu – became happy
Agam – my body
azhal – one that spits fire on enemies
Azhi – the divine chakkara (disc)
sangam – SrI pAnchajanyam (conch)
avai – and other divine weapons
pAdi Adum – singing and dancing
thozhil – in the activity
magizhndhadhu – became happy


magizhndhadhu sindhai – the mind, which had never known what happiness is, became happy after meditating on emperumAn. AzhwAr says that due to this, there is no need for him to go to paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam) and become happy. He says that he will be happy, meditating on emperumAn, here itself.

thirumAlE – this is saying about the cause of happiness. Isn’t it a matter of happiness when emerpumAn is with pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi)!

maRRum magizhndhadhu un pAdhamE pORRi – after my mind, my faculty of speech praised your divine feet and became happy. Here too, we can add the word thirumAlE and say that speech praised thirumAl (consort of SrI mahAlakshmi) and became happy.

magizhndhadhu azhal Azhi sangam avai pAdi Adum thozhil Agam sUzhndhu thuNindhu – the body engaged in the activity of singing and dancing about chakrAyudham (divine disc) which becomes angry and spits fire on enemies, and pAnchajanyam (divine conch) and became firmly happy. We can also construe the meaning for this as: the body which (worshipped) firmly became happy; the mind, which worshipped firmly, became happy; the speech, which worshipped firmly, became happy. Other parts of the body also became happy after worshipping firmly. Alternatively, we can say that the mind praised emperumAn’s divine feet and became happy; the speech praised his divine feet and became happy; the body praised his divine feet and became happy.

We shall move on to the 33rd pAsuram next.

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