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irandAm thiruvandhAdhi – 26 – vandhiththavanai

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Since AzhwAr spoke about thirumalai in the previous pAsuram, the thirumalai hill attracted him more. His divine mind goes to it and he speaks about the wealth in thirumalai.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vandhiththavanai vazhi ninRa aim bhUtham
aindhum agaththadakki ArvamAy undhip
padiyamarar vElaiyAn paNdu amararkkIndha
padiyamarar vAzhum padhi

Word by Word Meaning

padi amarar – SrIvaishNavas
vAzhum – living permanently
padhi – the holy place of thirumalai [thiruvEngadam]
vazhi ninRa – standing as a hurdle (to attain emperumAn)
aimbhUtham aindhum – the five elements and the five sensory perceptions
agaththadakki – controlling well inside so that they do not wander out
avanai – that emperumAn
vandhiththu – worshipping
Arvam Ay – as epitome of affection
undhi – pushing and falling over one another
padi – coming and worshipping
amarar – for dhEvas [celestial entities]
vElaiyAn – emperumAn who is in thiruppARkadal (milky ocean)
paNdu amararkku Indha – the place which he  gave to the ancient dhEvas, nithyasUris.


vandhiththu – praising emperumAn. Without any ego, attaining emperumAn.

vazhi ninRa aimbhUtham aindhum agaththu adakki – controlling inside the evanescent body those matters which are hurdles in attaining emperumAn, without letting them go through the senses such as ear etc.

aimb hUtham aindhum – being victorious over the five elements and the five sensory perceptions.

ArvamAy – being engaged fully with emperumAn

undhip padi amarar vElaiyAn – emperumAn, who is reclining in thiruppARkadal (milky ocean), who is attained by dhEvas such as brahmA et al, with each pushing the others [as if in a competition, to attain emperumAn first] and worshipping him.

paNdu amararkku Indha padi – this could be construed in two ways: (1) given to the long standing nithyasUris (permanent dwellers of SrIvaikuNtam); (2) given earlier to nithyasUris.

What was given to the nithyasUris?

padiyamarar vAzhum padhi – thirumalai where the dhEvas of  bhUlOkam, SrIvaishNavas (followers of emperumAn who dwell on the earth); thirumalai where they live in total experience.

[parASara] bhattar (son of kUraththAzhwAn, one of the primary disciples of bhagavadh SrI rAmAnujar) told piLLai amudhanAr that this pAsuram should be read as: vazhi ninRa aimbhUtham aindhum agaththadakki ArvamAy vandhiththu undhippadiyamarar vElaiyAn padiyamarar vAzhum padhiyAnadhu paNdu amararkku Indhadhu.

We shall take up the 27th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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