mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 61 -ulagum ulagiRandha Uzhiyum

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In the earlier pAsuram, AzhwAr said that samsAris (jIvAthmAs who inhabit the materialistic realm) do not know what benefits they need and only emperumAn knows those. In this pAsuram, to the question as to why emperumAn should protect them, AzhwAr says that since emperuman sired them, he has to protect them. Other than the one who fathered them, is there anyone who can nurture them? He says that these people not only do not know what is good for them, they do not even know their births.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

ulagum ulagiRandha Uzhiyum oNkEzh
vilagu karungadalum veRpum ulaginil
sendhIyum mArudhamum vAnum thirumAlthan
pundhiyilAya puNarppu

Word by Word Meanings

ulagum – all the worlds
ulagu iRandha Uzhiyum – time which remains when the world is destroyed [during deluge]
oN kEzh vilagu karum kadalum – ocean which is beautiful, throws waves and is black in colour
veRpum – mountains (which are the supports for the world)
ulaginil – seen in the world
sem thIyum – reddish fire
mArudhamum – breeze
vAnum – sky [ethereal layer]
thirumAl than – emperumAn’s, who is with mahAlakshmi
pundhiyil Aya – due to his sankalpa (vow or will)
puNarppu – creation


ulagum – worlds or the substances in the worlds

ulagu iRandha Uzhiyum – time which does not get destroyed and remains when the entire worlds are destroyed during deluge. Alternatively, during deluge, those substances which are in subtle form indicated by time.

oN kEzh vilagu karum kadalum – ocean which has beautiful colour, which throws out waves and which is invigorating.

veRpum – the mountains which appear to be holding (sustaining) earth

ulaginil sem thIyum mArudhamum vAnum – all the reddish coloured objects in the world related to light, breeze and sky (ether). AzhwAr mentions the causative factors by stating these 5 elements.  Alternatively, he is mentioning a few resultant objects.

thirumAl than pundhiyil Aya puNarppu –  all these have been created for the pastime of perumAL and pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi). AzhwAr says that emperumAn created these to make pirAtti happy, through his sankalpa (vow).Just as SrI parASara bhattar says in SrI rangarAja sthavam 2-88 “upAyOpEyathvE thadhiha ” (both the means of attaining you and the resultant benefit that you grant are natural to you), emperumAn himself is the means and the benefit! He needs our assistance in protecting us only if he needs our assistance when creating us! [in other words he does not need our assistance]. emperumAn who creates the worlds for pirAtti’s enjoyment remains the means for knowing their protection too. nammAzhwAr in his thiruvAimozhi 3-7-8 says that the one who creates the worlds is emperumAn himself “nambanai gyAlam padaiththavanai thirumArvanai

We shall take up 62nd pAsuram next.

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