mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 45 – AmE amararkku

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The simplicity of emperumAn is such that it can be known only to his followers to whom he decides to manifest and not even to dhEvathAs (deities) such as brahmA et al.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

AmE amararkku aRiyavadhu niRka
nAmE aRigiRpOm nannenjE  pUmEya
mAdhavaththOn thAL paNindha vALarakkan nINmudiyai
pAdhamaththAl eNNinAn paNbu

Word by Word Meanings

nal nenjE – Oh [my] good heart!
pU mEya mAdhavaththOn – brahmA, who has done lot of penance and who resides in the lotus growing out of [emperumAn’s] navel
thAL paNindha – one who came and worshipped at his feet
vAL arakkan – demoniacal rAvaNan
nIL mudiyai – extended (ten) heads
pAdam aththAl eNNinAn – counted with his divine feet
paNbu – auspicious qualities
amararkku aRiya AmE – are they such that celestial people can know?
adhu niRka – moreover
nAmE aRigiRpOm – only we (who are blessed by his causeless mercy) know


AmE amararkku aRiya – Is it possible for dhEvas (celestial people) such as brahmA, rudhra et al to know emperumAn? He is such simple, with no distinction between his simplicity and greatness, that they can not know him.

adhu niRka – moreover

nAmE aRigiRpOm – There are two interpretations: (1) can we, who are ignorant, know him when even very knowledgeable persons such as brahmA et al are unable to know him? (2) While persons such as brahmA et al do not know him, aren’t we going to know him! When he shows himself up to us [his devotees] can we not know him!

nannenjE – Isn’t the reason for brahmA et al not to know him, their hearts which do not obey them! But my heart! Is there any shortcoming for me when I have you who obeys me?

pU mEya mAdhavaththOn thAL paNindha vALarakkan nIN mudiyai pAdam aththAl eNNinAnAzhwAr gives out the reason for their not knowing emperumAn. When rAvaNa was begetting all his boons from brahmA, who has as his residence the lotus coming out of emperumAn’s navel, and who has carried out lot of penance, emperumAn came in the form of a child and lay on the lap of brahmA. He counted the ten heads of rAvaNa with his divine feet and warned brahmA “do not grant all the boons that he is asking for. Know that the person who has come here is rAvaNan. If you grant him all the boons, you will go the wrong path” and disappeared. He pointed out to brahmA “these are heads which will be severed. If you add strength to these through your boons, you will also be in deep trouble”

pAdham aththAl eNNinAn – he showed the heads by scrawling on them with his enjoyable divine feet. Will brahmA, who does not know that it is not going to benefit him any way but is only going to cause him trouble, know emperumAn’s qualities?

We shall take up the 46th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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