mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 40 – peru vil pagazhi

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AzhwAr says that the purpose of dwelling permanently at thirumalai, as thought by emperumAn, is to destroy the enemies of followers and be joyful.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

peruvil pagazhik kuRavar kaichchendhI
veruvip punam thuRandha vEzham iruvisumbil
mIn vIzhak kaNdu anjum vEnkatamE mEl asurar
kOn vIzhak kaNdu ugandhAn kunRu

Word by Word Meanings

peru vil – with a large bow
pagazhi – and arrows
kuRavar – hunters’
kai – held in the hand
sem thI – to the red hot fire
veruvi – being fearful
punam thuRandha – leaving the fields
vEzham – elephant
iru visumbil – from the expansive sky
mIn vIzha – with the shooting star falling
kaNdu – seeing that
anjum – fearful place (that it is the burning firewood thrown by the hunters)
vEnkatamE – Oh thirumalai!
mEl – in earlier time
asurar kOn vIzha – hiraNyan, the leader of demons, falling down
kaNdu – seeing (that)
ugandhAn – one who felt joyful
kunRu – is thirumalai


peru vil – the hunters hold a large bow like SrI rAma, as mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 100-12 “sa dhadharSa thathO rAmam thishtanthamaparAjitham | AliganthamivAkASam avashtabhya mahadh thanu: ||” (rAvaNa saw SrI rAma, who is unconquered and who is holding a large bow that reaches up to the sky).

pagazhiAzhwArs and AchAryars take heart from the sharp arrows of SrI rAma and get rid of their fear as mentioned by thirumazhisai AzhwAr in nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi 8 “ilai thuNai maRRu en nenjE kUr amban allAl” (Oh my heart! There is none to support other than the one with sharp arrows). In the same way, this AzhwAr [poygai AzhwAr] also talks about the sharpness of the hunters’ arrows. The way the hunters of thirumalai are holding the bow is similar to the way SrI rAma and lakshmaNa are holding! The hunters who are holding the bow and sharp arrows in one hand are holding torches [burning firewood] in the other, in order to remove the darkness, while going to their fields for protecting them.

veruvip punam thuRandha vEzham – elephants which foray into the fields for food, on looking at the torches and the bow / sharp arrows that the hunters are holding, will become fearful and will run away, thinking that they should never ever come to these fields.

iru visumbil mIn vIzhak kaNdu anjum vEnkatamE – even as the elephants are running away from the fields fearing the torches, they see shooting starts falling from the expansive sky towards the earth. Thinking that these are the torches being thrown at them by the hunters, they stand transfixed, unable to go further. It appears to them that it was better in the fields as the torches would have been brought by the hunters for some other purpose whereas here, the shooting stars [which they think are torches] are being aimed at them by the hunters and they become more fearful.

mEl asurar kOn vIzhak kaNdu ugandhAn kunRuAzhwAr, on seeing the fear that the elephants have is reminded of the fear that hiraNyan had on seeing narasimha. thirumalai is the place that emperumAn came to, after destroying hiraNyan and feeling happy that he was able to destroy the enemy of his child devotee prahlAdha. He stands in thirumalai in order to eliminate enemies of his followers in future too.

Let us consider the 41st pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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