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thiruppAvai – 10 – nORRu suvarggam

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srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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The love that all gOpikAs have towards krishNan and the effort they take to go behind him – that is the effort Kannan takes to go behind this gOpikA – they are waking up such a gOpikA in this pAsuram.

நோற்றுச் சுவர்க்கம் புகுகின்ற அம்மனாய்
மாற்றமும் தாராரோ வாசல் திறவாதார்
நாற்றத் துழாய்முடி நாராயணன் நம்மால்
போற்றப் பறைதரும் புண்ணியனால்
பண்டு ஒருநாள் கூற்றத்தின் வாய்வீழ்ந்த
கும்பகருணனும் தோற்றும் உனக்கே
பெருந்துயில்தான் தந்தானோ ஆற்ற
அனந்தல் உடையாய் அருங்கலமே
தேற்றமாய் வந்து திறவேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

nORRu suvarggam puguginRa ammanAi!
mARRamum thArArO vAsal thiRavAdhAr
nARRa thuzhAi mudi nArAyaNan
nammAl pORRap parai tharum puNNiyanAl
paNdu oru nAL kURRaththin vAivIzhndha kumbakaraNanum
thORRum unakkE pErum thuyil thAn thandhAnO
ARRa ananthal udaiyAy arumkalamE
thERRamAi vandhu thiravElOr empAvAi

padha padhArtham

nORRu – (you) did nOnbu
suvarggam puguginRa – (and now) enjoying the heaven without any break,
ammanAi -dear!
vAsal thiRavAdhAr – you are not opening the door
mARRamum thArArO – would you not answer us at least?
nARRaththuzhAi mudi – One who is wearing fragrant thiruththuzhAy
nArAyaNan – one having the unparalleled name of nArAyaNan
nammAl pORRap paRai tharum – one who is sung pallANdu by us; one who gives us our goal that is doing kainkaryam
puNNiyanAl – by (such) emperumAn who is dharmam,
kumbakaraNanum – that kumbakaraNan
paNdu oru nAL – once upon a time
kURRaththin vAi vIzhndha – fell on yama’s way
unakkE thORRu – (did he) lose to you
thandhAnO – (and) went away giving you
perum thuyil thAn – (his) big sleepiness?
ARRa ananthal udaiyAy – you who is having a nice sleep!
arum kalamE – you who is like a rare jewel
thERRamAi vandhu thiRa – get yourself together, and open (the door)


nORRu suvarggam puguginra ammanAi!

Since this gOpikA did not wake up even after dawn, they are being sarcastic saying ‘This is nice, you wanted to do nOnbu and be happy’; also means that this gOpikA has already achieved the benefits of nOnbu so she is in the position of not having to do nOnbu.

This gOpikA has understood that He is the means (upAyam), so she is thinking she does not have to do anything from her side, so she is just sleeping; if one understands His nature of protecting us, then one doesn’t have to do anything to gain His protection; so too if one understands one’s sEshathvam (servitude/secondary nature to emperumAn);

Is this not the nature of those gOpikas who are trying to wake her up? (How come they are not just sleeping too?) – since they are having the anxiety of getting their goal, it is making some of them not stay put in their place, so they want to hurry and get to krishNan. For us who are having sidhdhOpAya nishtai (that He would come to us and accept us) too there are karma, gyAna, bhakthi – for us the karmam would be about doing kainkaryam;  our gyAnam would be about understanding of our svarUpam (nature/relationship with emperumAn), bhakthi would be about interest/eagerness about the destiny that is emperumAn.

nORRu – you who said that we will all go together early in the morning, will do nOnbu together, will get krishNa anubhavam together is now sleeping even after the day has progressed; you are enjoying your early morning as if you have already done the nOnbu and gained perumAn.

suvarggam – pleasure/enjoyment;  suvarggam puguginRa – continuously enjoying the pleasure (krishNan). (It does not refer to the lowly 3rd world sorggam (suva: ))

ammanAi – you are still sleeping, like you have to save us and we have to be saved by you.

The gOpikA inside did not move, thinking how come you are calling me ammanAi, when I am a devotee of you all; she is happy to be just hearing their voices;

The gOpikAs outside are thinking good about the one inside, that she is having krishNa anubhavam and so she is keeping quiet.

The gOpikA inside is so happy to receive athithi that she is not able to speak. (athithi – guest – srivaishnavAs who visit our house without looking for a thithi – good day/time)

The ones outside tell her to speak because they are afraid that bhagavAn might misunderstand the sleeping gOpikA to have done bhAgavatha apachAram by keeping quiet to bhAgavathas.

==> AzhvAr: ammanAi refers to kulasEkarAzhvAr. In his perumAL thirumozhi, he said “vaNdu kiNdu naRum thuzhAi mAlai uRRavaraip perum thiru mArvanai” and ANdAL here says “nARRath thuzhAi mudi nArAyaNan“; he is going ranga yAthrai (after doing samAsrayaNam), and so ANdAL is calling him ‘nORRu, suvarggam puguginra ammanAi“.

mARRamum thArArO vAsal thiRavAdhAr (you have not opened the door, would you not reply even?)

They are saying this as they are not able to tolerate her silence; if the door is closed, should the mouth also be closed?  Can you not reply to the relatives even if you are having a lot of wealth? Inside your house you have given yourself to kaNNan, but can you not even give your talking to us? He is not letting you get up but can you not at least say a few words to us? While looking at Him, can you not lend your ears to us? You may not want to give your krishNan, can you not give us yourself (for going to the nOnbu)?

The gOpikA replies, “You are blaming me that I am keeping kaNNan here. Do you think He is here?”

nARRa thuzhAi mudi

You may try to hide Him and He may keep quiet too, but it is not possible like how you cannot hide the fragrance of sandalwood.”

“If He hugs me just once, His fragrance will be with me even after bathing nine times; I came to bed after meeting you all, and you all came to my door last evening itself to wake me up. With so many of you standing there, and with elders’ protection of the house, would He have been able to enter this house?”


“Does HE need the doors or entrance to enter your house, like we do? Is He not present everywhere? If He is with you in your house, it is difficult for Him to only leave your place (not difficult to enter)”. He is nArAyaNan.

He won’t leave even those who don’t show their affection to Him, will He leave you who is in love with Him?

nARRath thuzhAi mudi nArayaNan – He is wearing the thuzhAi garland to save all the people who want Him.

“If I don’t open my mouth they would say that I am not talking. If I said anything they would say I am giving answer to everything” – thinking so, she kept quiet lying in her bed as if sleeping.


He is such that even we raw cowherd girls could go and surrender to Him, He is so noble and simple.


These cowherd girls’ surrender is not upAyam (means), it is done only because of their interest in surrendering to Him; as we are born like the way we are, He is also born so,  so that He is praised

paRai tharum puNNiyanAl

He gives us mOksham

He is the means and the destiny (both upAyam and upEyam; purushArtham); we enjoy praising Him.

Praise as we are His friends too.

By that perumaN,

pandu oru nAL (once upon a time,)

Once upon a time there was someone who kept sleeping; we had only heard about that day, but today we are seeing that here.

kURRaththin vAi vIzhndha

Who because of doing wrong in front of perumAL fell and died like an insect falling into the lamp; like drowning in a lake created for drinking water;


Has even that kumbakaruNan, who is the leader of sleeping, lost in a sleeping match with you and went away after giving you his sleep also (that is, along with the mistakes)? His – sleep; Yours – Big sleep (perum thuyil); He – separated one woman (due to his association with rAvaNan); You – separating all the gOpikAs of this place from you and sleeping in your bed; he slept for 6 months and was awake once in 6 months – you are sleeping till from the creation time (they are saying like this because even one second away from kaNNan feels like a very long time for them).

“They are comparing adiyEn with that person who did asahya apachAram (doing wrong even without reason)” – thinking so, the gOpikA inside wants to show them that she should not be compared to him and that she is getting up quickly, so she says “krishNa, krishNa”.

‘kumbarkaraNan’ indicates thamO guNam (other two being sathva gunam (serenity/tranquility) and rajO guNam (action/anger));  thamo guNam is laziness. (You are with a lot of sathva guNam – even without having the thamO guNam you are sleeping so much; seeing this, kumbakaraNan accepted defeat and gave his sleeping power to you)

ARRa ananthal udaiyAy

“Would we be able to see you getting up, so that we can live happily?”

Do we need to see Him wake up? We would be happy to do thiruppaLLiyezhuchi to you.


As she got up quickly, they felt that she is the central jewel for them.

“You are the rare jewel that we can get”. [ like emperumAnAr] . (they are happy that if she gets ready, kaNNan also will come and celebrate all their presence).

Listening to this she tried to walk hurriedly, so

thERRamAi vandhu thiRa (carefully come and open the door)

Walk carefully without tripping over the steps or other bumps; keep in mind, we are all assembled here including those who can scold you, so don’t come as is from the bed, but get yourself composed and then come join us.

English translation raghurAm srInivAsa dhAsan

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